Resume Tips for the Recent College Graduate

This time of the year, we frequently see a lot of resumes from new college graduates.  Some of them look great, but some others could use some improvement.  If you have recently graduated and are looking for that first “real” job, here are a few resume tips that will help you shine!


  • Highlight any internships or significant school projects that are related to the jobs you are applying to.  Be concise, list 2-3 bullet points and any special accomplishments or lead roles taken on any projects. Make sure you list the software or programs you used and any specific skill you developed that may relate to the job.
  • List your education and degree at the top of your resume with the month and date you graduated. Also list your GPA if it is 3.0 or higher.
  • List awards and scholarships toward the bottom of the page
  • Include any athletics you participated in. Many employers specifically seek out athletes because of their drive and competitiveness, as well as teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Continue to seek advice and assistance from the Career Services Department at your new alma mater.  Most schools extend their services after you’ve graduated, and some have tools available specifically for alumni.



  • Include personal information such as birth date, marital status, social security or license number and exclude hobbies, interests and religion  / ethnic background unless they would be considered relevant to an employer.
  • Use personal pronouns (I, my, me)
  • Use a generic objective statement such as:  “Seeking a full-time position where I can make a difference”.  Either state the specific type of position you are seeking or leave it off entirely.
  • Use a non-professional email address, take the time to establish a new one just for job hunting. School email addresses are fine and Hotmail or Gmail accounts are FREE! You can never go wrong with or, but probably will not impress a future employer!


If you are a recent college graduate looking for work, CPS and Professionals Incorporated would like to talk to you. We are always seeking qualified candidates for entry-level positions.  Check out our current openings at or submit your resume to directly to for consideration.

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