Recruiting Has Changed. Is Your Business Keeping Up?

The world of recruitment is ever-evolving. As new technologies and techniques emerge, companies that fail to keep up with rising trends can find themselves struggling, especially when they are looking to land top talent.

But, by staying current, businesses can leverage their approach to reach greater levels of recruitment success, particularly against competitors who have fallen behind. If you’re wondering whether your company is keeping up with the latest recruiting trends, here are a few you should begin taking advantage of as soon as possible.

Embrace AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how businesses operate, including in the area of recruiting. Software bots can be used to automate a variety of recruitment processes, including resume screening and matching candidates to various positions.

By using AI, your recruiters can spend more time on tasks that genuinely require a human touch, such as communicating with top talent or advertising vacancies to target groups.

Focus on Diversity

The idea that diverse workforces are more innovative isn’t new, making diversity initiatives particularly important when you want to differentiate yourself from the competition through development. However, your views on diversity may also need to shift if you’re going to stay ahead.

When most companies envision diversity, they focus on women and minorities. While these objectives are important, there are numerous other traits that could also be included.

For example, some companies have begun seeking out candidates with conditions like autism, as these professionals may have strong mathematical and technical skills but might not perform as well during social interactions, including interviews, that harm their chances of being hired. By being open to the idea, you increase your odds of finding a top talent you may have otherwise overlooked, giving you a chance to secure the skills you need.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Job seekers aren’t as willing to submit lengthy, multi-step applications, answer a series of essay questions, and then just sit back and hope to hear from the company. Instead, they expect a positive and reasonable candidate experience that isn’t overly cumbersome, is generally mobile-friendly, and features strong communication from the business after the fact.

When the candidate experience isn’t appealing, some professionals will choose not to submit their information for consideration, including bailing out midway through due to frustration. If finding top talent is your goal, you need to make sure your hiring practices focus on the job seekers needs and preferences. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on great candidates.

Be Open to Contingent and Gig Workers

The gig economy has shifted worker expectations on a fundamental level. Many skilled professionals aren’t interested in traditional full-time roles with a range of responsibilities. Instead, they want opportunities focused on their core skill set, and possibly short-term by design.

Failing to embrace these professionals means you could miss out on top talent, so make sure to consider whether a certain task is best completed by a new permanent worker or a short-term employee with a targeted skill set.

By keeping up with current recruiting trends, you can increase your odds of finding the employees you need. If you are interested in learning more or are looking to enhance your workforce, the experienced team at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to see how our services can benefit your business today.

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