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Quick and Easy Tips for Administrative Interview Confidence

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One of the best traits one can convey during an administrative interview is confidence. This helps assert that you have the knowledge and ability to perform the job well and that you truly feel your prior experiences match the expectations associated with the position. But, while some individuals seem to display confidence naturally, many others have to work for it.

Luckily, there are ways to help improve your confidence before your next admin interview. Here are some quick and easy tips to get you started today.

Craft a Strong Resume

One way to help create more confidence is to craft a resume you know is strong. You need to clearly display that you possess the knowledge and skills required to do the job within the document, as this will help you establish yourself before even meeting the interviewer.

Additionally, it is helpful to understand any weak points within your resume before you head to the interview, such as a period of unemployment. That way you can choose to control that part of the conversation by addressing the concern early and well.

Get to Know the Hiring Process

Every business hires using a slightly different process. Some use a single interview to select their ideal admin candidate while others use a multi-staged approach. Understanding how the company progresses through the hiring steps can give you a point of stability in the process while also allowing you to see signs of trouble as they develop. This can give you additional peace of mind, making it easier to feel confident in your position as things move along.

Stop Uncomfortable (Financial) Conversations Upfront

If a hiring manager begins asking questions about your current or prior salary during the first interview, you will likely be caught off guard. Traditionally, salary conversations only occur when it comes time to make an offer. However, some ask the question earlier than expected to try and get ahead on salary negotiations later.

But, just because you are blindsided by the salary question that doesn’t mean you have to answer. For example, simply decline to discuss the issue based on a reluctance to share confidential salary information. Then, redirect into a more powerful position by gently inquiring about the hiring company’s traditional salary range for the position.

State Your Enthusiasm About the Position

Not only can declaring your interest in the position make you feel more confident at the moment, but it can also make the hiring manager more confident in you. Many applicants fail to specifically state that they are actually interested in receiving an offer, which can actually leave interviewers questioning whether they are interested.

Being straightforward about your interest and explaining what about the role excites you can help you present an air of confidence based on your passion for the position while also clarifying any questions for the hiring manager about whether you would potentially accept an offer.

If you are interested in finding a new admin position, CPS Recruitment® can help you on your journey. Contact us to see what is available in your area today.


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