Put up or shut-up: your job search is what you make of it

By Stacey Wood, CTS

Last week I had the following conversation with a friend:

“So what are you up to this weekend?” Susie asked.

”I don’t know. I am so sick of people. They are so boring. They always want to do the same exact things or nothing at all,” I replied.

“I know, it’s just awful,” she agreed.

I cannot stand whiners and I was horrified recalling that exchange a short time later. There are few things more pathetic than someone who chooses to do nothing about his/her life, yet subsequently expects a solution to “magically” surface. This also reminded me of several job seekers I know.

Stop complaining

If you hate your job change it. Don’t blame the economy (it’s shifting), your family obligations (I guarantee they are sick of hearing you gripe), or your lack of better options. Instead, develop stronger connections and augment your skills to secure a better opportunity for your future.

Do the Work

Don’t rely on a friend, a family member, former co-worker, or even a recruiter to get you a job. This is no one else’s responsibility and your lack of motivation and commitment to succeed and prosper are a direct reflection on your character. Who wants to help someone solve a problem, or recommend a viable solution to an individual with a miserable attitude? Help yourself!

Consequently, due to that conversation with my friend last week, I went white water rafting for the first time with some folks I had just met this weekend. Admittedly, the car ride was a bit awkward at times, but from the moment we all entered the raft until I was at my front door later that night, I had a phenomenal adventure filled with laughter. Furthermore, I now have a new hobby. Change is always challenging and a bit scary (so were the rapids), but more than worth the effort. I highly recommend you try both.

Ask yourself what you need to do to actively improve your job search and then do it-today!

This post originally appeared in the Job Advice blog on Syracuse.com, where Stacey blogs on a monthly basis.

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