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Proud to be Fit Friendly!

by Kirsi Donovan

Think about your work day for a minute……..in our fast paced world of staffing it includes conference calls, responding to and sending various emails, team meetings, client lunches, candidate interviews, sales calls and many, many more factors that contribute to our days filled with multi-tasking at the highest level. What we may not think about is that while we are doing all of these daily duties, we are sitting for the majority of the time! This can result in increased periods of physical inactivity, poor nutrition choices and a loss of focus on our overall health and well-being.

At CPS & Professionals Inc., we are dedicated to the Health and Wellness of our employees. As a result of our dedication and commitment, we were recently recognized as a 2012 Fit-Friendly Company, Gold Level Status, by the American Heart Association. Fit-Friendly Companies reach Gold level status by implementing various activities and programs to encourage physical activity, nutrition and culture enhancements.

We are proud to be one of 2,433 companies recognized nationally, and one of 13 companies here in CNY to be recognized by the American Heart Association. Please follow the links below for the listing of the all of the Fit-Friendly CNY companies and information on how to become a Fit-Friendly company, too!



Over the past few years, we’ve implemented a handful of programs and ways to promote the Health and Wellness of our team on several levels. Some of these programs include:

  • Monthly fitness, health and wellness online tools/articles/information distributed to all employees.  Examples include sharing healthy recipes, healthier food choices around the holidays and outdoor workout ideas for the seasons
  • Our own CPS and Professionals Inc. in-house fitness center, fully equipped with a treadmill, rowing machine, stationary bike, two elliptical trainers, hand weights, abdominal machine, various workout videos/dvds and plenty of space for a great workout
  • Established a fitness, health and wellness account for our employees to use towards a health program, fitness or wellness related product of their choice such as a gym membership, Zumba classes, Yoga, fitness apparel, running sneakers and many more
  • On-site programs here at the office, such as Boot Camp, conducted by two certified personal trainers, Weight Watchers at Work Program, Wegmans Eat Well, Live Well Challenge

Yes, we still have the occasional donut show up here in our office, but because of the many other initiatives we’ve got in place—we’re ok to treat ourselves every once in a while. 

If you’d like advice or information on implementation, please contact Kirsi Donovan at 315-883-5494, kdonovan@cpsprofessionals.com.

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