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Prepare for 2021 With These Hiring Trends

COVID-19 had a significant impact on the world. Along with fundamentally altering the lives of many for months at a time, the coronavirus also impacted hiring.

Many companies couldn’t rely on traditional recruitment approaches during the pandemic. For example, meeting with candidates in person for interviews wasn’t safe, practical, or even allowed in some cases. Additionally, gathering several job seekers for skills tests was a no-go.

The situation caused by the coronavirus led to some interesting hiring trends, many of which will still be relevant as 2021 kicks off. If you are wondering which are still worthy of your attention, here’s a look at the hiring trends that will continue to make waves in the new year.

Virtual Interview

The virtual interview quickly became a necessity as COVID-19 began spreading through the country. With web conference technologies, video interviews allowed hiring managers to meet with candidates safely. They could use practically the same interview process, asking job seekers crucial questions that allowed the hiring manager to identify who was the best fit.

Now, as many areas are experiencing a resurgence, virtual interviews will likely remain a norm. This is especially true for jobs that are currently or permanently remote.

Online Skills Assessments

Being able to see a candidate in action can be critical for certain kinds of roles. For example, technical interviews are common for assessing an IT professional’s capabilities, allowing hiring managers to see how job seekers respond to certain challenges.

However, COVID-19 and the need for social distancing altered this equation a bit. Instead of holding skills assessments and technical interviews in person, some companies headed online.

With online skills tests, hiring managers can still learn a lot about a candidate’s abilities. They can focus on specific must-have technical skills, for one. For another, many online assessments can gauge a job seeker’s soft skills, allowing employers to gain a holistic view of what the candidate brings to the table.

Better Candidate Experience

While high unemployment can benefit employers, giving them access to professionals who may not otherwise be available, that doesn’t mean the candidate experience can be put to the wayside. For example, many job seekers won’t stick around for a cumbersome application process, an unnecessary number of interview rounds, or a lack of communication after submitting a resume.

Companies that want to secure the best and brightest professionals have to ensure the candidate experience remains a priority. Along with streamlining the application process, ramping up communication and offering clear hiring timelines is typically wise. When a candidate feels well-informed, they remain engaged and view the experience more positively. This increases the odds they’ll respond when you invite them to an interview or extend an offer.

Ultimately, the impact of COVID-19 is going to influence hiring long after the virus is no longer a concern. By adapting to these trends now, companies set themselves up for long-term success, ensuring they can secure the talent they need quickly and efficiently.

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