Is Your Personality an Interview Killer?

Is Your Personality an Interview Killer


Have you ever wished you acted, or reacted, differently … especially during a job interview?

You’re not alone. Everyone spends a good part of their life striving to be a better version of themself. You can’t just turn into a different person. You can, however, choose to behave differently, despite any tendencies you may have toward negative personality traits.

Negative Traits

Do you instinctively react in any of the following ways, especially when under the stress of an interview?

  • Bragging: Of course, you want to demonstrate your knowledge and skills, but you don’t want to come across as a know-it-all. Never lecture or act condescendingly. Intelligence is a key advantage, but it must be tempered with respect and courtesy.
  • Becoming judgmental: Perhaps you tend to be too critical. You see things so clearly that you can’t help but point out their flaws! As a result, people become afraid of what you’ll say, so they’re not very candid in your company. Not the kind of environment you want to create as you interview. Even if asked how you’d do certain things differently if hired, try to provide constructive criticism and carefully balance what you say. Given that you’re able to see things as they are and as they should be, it also should be easy for you to pinpoint when something is done right.
  • Getting angry: It naturally empowers you to speak up and question what’s wrong with a situation, project or company. Then later, you regret having lashed out. To avoid this, remember to look at the issue from perspectives other than your own. Take a moment before answering –

if necessary – and put yourself in your interviewer’s position, considering what they are hearing. This should enable you to respond calmly and rationally, even if you disagree.

Keeping it Positive

Keep your interview on a positive tone by focusing on your individual passions – those aspects of the job that truly spike your interest and motivate you toward success.

  • De-stress beforehand. Get in the right frame of mind prior to your interview. Get enough rest, eat healthily, and dress professionally and comfortably. Jam to a favorite tune on the drive in. Take your time so you arrive early and can relax a little before being called in. Breathe. Smile. Your attitude and mindset will directly affect your ability to speak about yourself and convey your personality in a positive light.
  • Passionately and professionally discuss your interests relevant to the position. This gives the employer a good idea of who you are as a person. Given that they’ll spend so much time with their co-workers, employers know how important it is to identify employees who will gel well with others and bring value to the organization.
  • Find a shared interest with your interviewer. Even if your personalities are very different, finding common ground will make your interaction easier and more positive. Research your interviewer ahead of time via social media and personal contacts. Find something interesting that you have in common and slip it into the conversation. This has the added advantage of showing that you did your research ahead of time.

As you prepare for your next interview, you may find value in other materials we have available in our candidate resource center.  If you would like to partner with a staffing agency to learn about other opportunities, please contact Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated to learn more.


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