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Perfect Match- Passive Job seekers & Recruiters

By: Lindsey Stanton, CPC | Professional Recruiter

Actively passive job seekers or candidates and Recruiters are a win-win relationship.

An actively passive candidate is someone who is employed but looking for something in their current role. The void that these candidates are looking for can be compensation, opportunity for advancement, stability, and a number of other personal reasons.

We go together like coffee and cream. Recruiters and actively passive candidates, when working together, can offer mutual perks. Passive candidates can offer us an untapped resource. Since these candidates only want to apply when the timing and opportunity is right, they tend to shy away from job postings where there is an unknown. We, recruiters, can quickly identify what exactly these candidates are in need of and what exactly will be worth the career change. We can fill in the holes and have already done the leg work. In return, an advantage for the Recruiter is that we have a candidate to submit to our client that is a new face and not a resume they’ve seen anywhere else. Also, passive seekers are typically not interviewing for numerous opportunities at once since so much needs to be in place to make sense for them to even entertain an opening.

Working with a Recruiter is an excellent option for a confidential job search and allows anonymity for the candidate until there is 100% interest in the position. If you find yourself at work gazing out the window (if you’re lucky) wondering what else? Please give me a call!

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