The Outlook for Administrative Professional Jobs in Syracuse


If you plan a career as an administrative professional in the Syracuse market, there are a number of opportunities available. Nationwide, secretaries and administrative assistants earn a median annual income of $35,330 or $16.99 per hour as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Job growth is anticipated to be on par with the national average – at about 12 percent through 2022.

With a minimum educational requirement of a high school diploma or GED, most jobs can be learned within several weeks. Some – namely legal and medical administrative positions – require a longer on-the-job training period. Becoming an executive secretary typically takes several years, and can be a viable long-term objective.

How to Become an Administrative Professional

Once you’ve completed your high school education, you can take these steps to enhance your qualifications as an administrative professional:

  • Study at a community college or technical school. There, you can master the necessary office, computer, and grammar skills. Medical and legal professionals can learn industry-specific terminology and practices. When hiring executive secretaries, an increasing number of employers prefer a bachelor’s degree or at least some college courses.
  • Become certified. Certification is not a requirement, but it’s a great way to demonstrate proven competency to potential employers. The International Association of Administrative Professionals offers certification, which requires a minimum of two to four years’ experience and successful completion of an exam. Legal secretaries have various certification options through the National Association of Legal Secretaries and Legal Secretaries International.
  • Be sure you have the right stuff. Qualities essential to success as an administrative professional include strong interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills; as well as a high degree of integrity. Secretaries and assistants typically interact on a regular basis with clients, customers, and staff; and must communicate effectively in order to create a positive experience. They may have to oversee sensitive and confidential information, and be able to maintain their role with maturity and consistent common sense.

A Glance at Jobs in Syracuse

Check out the Find a Job page on Contemporary Personnel Staffing, Inc.’s web site for further details on these and other administrative professional positions currently available in the Syracuse area marketplace:

  • Administrative Assistant/Receptionist: Responsibilities include answering phones and providing support for an office manager and advisor. This is a temporary position with plans to hire on a permanent basis. Pay is $15/hour. Strong MS Office, typing and data entry skills are required.
  • Hospital Patient Service Clerk: This is a third-shift position. Duties include greeting and assisting patients and families, handling phone inquiries, transporting patients and assisting with general information desk functions. Three months’ clerical experience in a medical setting is required, along with strong communication and MS Office sills. This is a long-term temporary position paying $10/hour.
  • Secretary 1 – Hospital: This full-time professional will develop, advertise, manage and assist with implementation of CPD classes and serve as a vendor point of contact to assist individuals as needed. Requirements for this temporary position include at least five years of clerical experience, excellent MS Office capabilities, and typing ability of at least 35 words per minute. Pay is $11.25/hour.

To further explore your options as you pursue your administrative professional career, read our related posts or contact the team at CPS and Professionals Inc. today. If you are looking for administrative employment in Syracuse, contact our team today.


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