On Being ‘Busy’…

By Meg Sherman, CTS | Vice President of Sales & Marketing

As I hurriedly grabbed my cup of coffee this morning, I checked my blackberry.  To my dismay, I had a message that my friend’s young daughter had been in the hospital and had undergone a major surgery more than two weeks ago.  I felt horrible that I had not known about it and had not been there to lend support or a helping hand.

On my drive in to work, my mind keep reeling about this news.  How had I not known?  Why hadn’t I called her just to say ‘hi’?  As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve just been busy.  I loathe being busy. Running around getting ready in the morning, packing lunches, making breakfasts, daycare drop-offs—and that’s all before I even get to work.  And, to add to the madness, work has been just as busy, too.

This begs the question:  how do we make sure that we maintain these important relationships and not let being busy drag us down?  Much like in our personal lives, our professional lives can get bogged down with tasks, projects, meetings and deadlines.  Yet, if I think about it:  what customers of mine need to hear from me?  Who have I neglected to call? Often, we call our customers to sell something, offer something, up sell our services, or to address a problem.  But, my experience this morning is a reminder that we need to check in with our customers (and friends) for no reason at all.

In business and in life, maintaining good relationships matters. It matters to the person (or customer) who might need you, but hasn’t reached out to you.  It matters that we make these relationships a priority.  It matters that we send the message of caring both personally and professionally.  Our company, Contemporary Personnel Staffing, has a nice contact management program that reminds us to make these calls and initiate these gestures.  But, where’s the contact management system for life?

My challenge is this:  make it a priority today, and every day to call at least one friend or acquaintance that you have not spoken with recently.  To add to that challenge, call a customer that you have not spoken with recently.  Sometimes just letting someone know that you were thinking of them is a great message to send.  “Hi. It’s Meg.  I am actually calling for no reason at all…I was just thinking about you”.

Life is busy.  More for some than others.  But, good relationships are the foundation for all that we do and what we are.  They can not be taken for granted, and must be nurtured. Take time today, and every day, to connect with a friend and customer.  It’s a kind gesture that might just mean a lot to someone.

If you liked my post and want to reach out to me for no reason at all, you can reach me at msherman@cpsprofessionals.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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