It’s Not Too Late to Define Your Company’s Culture

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Candidates are giving more weight to a company’s culture when choosing where to apply than ever before, with some even refusing offers when it doesn’t feel like a good match. Having a strong culture is now as much a part of recruitment strategy as it is daily operations, but just being aware of the concept isn’t enough to secure the top talent you need.

Each business has a culture that is uniquely their own, and it often develops slowly over time. However, there are steps you can take today to help define your company’s culture and shape it for the future. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few great places to start.

Company Values

Many organizations focus on defining their goals, but they don’t always pay the same level of attention to outlining their values. While know where you want to go and what you want to achieve is important, your values give people an understanding of how you intend to get there or what you prioritize as a business.

Take the time to define your values just as you would your goals and larger mission. Let the public and your employees know how far you will go to reach your goals as well as what lines you choose to draw that you would never cross. This helps potential candidates understand not just what you want to do but what you will or won’t do to get there.

Outline the Basics

Three elements that make up a company’s culture are training opportunities, recognition, and leadership development. If you don’t have policies in place that define your stance in these areas, now is the time to get some of it on paper.

Top performers value the ability to learn and grow with an organization, so understanding your stance on career development and training can be a critical factor in them deciding whether to accept an offer. Similarly, knowing that hard work is recognized and appreciated helps further create a culture of support.

You can also extend into other areas like health and wellness, charity and community involvement, and team building. By outlining what you have to offer beyond the compensation package can help create a stronger culture designed to attract candidates and retain your current employees.

Talk to Your Employees

Sometimes, the easiest way to find out how you can improve your company’s culture is to speak to the people who make up the bulk of your business: Your employees. Often, they can give you specific insights regarding what areas are working well and what can be improved. By being open to their input, you can understand what candidates will likely value and what can be discarded. Over time, you’ll find yourself with a strong culture that helps further employee retention efforts will also catching the attention from top talent looking for new opportunities.

If you are currently looking for new employees that can help you achieve and maintain an ideal company culture, the staffing professionals at CPS Recruitment® can locate the ideal candidates based on where you want to be. Contact us today to see how the right new hires can help shape your culture for the better.


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