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Not Finding Skilled Workers? Start Here

Businesses operating in the industrial and construction fields continue to struggle when to comes to finding the skilled laborers they need to fill vacant positions. Interest in trades continues to decline, especially within the younger generations. This makes the shortage especially hard to manage as finding applicants, in general, may be especially trying. However, there are ways to reach a larger pool of competent candidates or even create the skilled workers your company has been otherwise seeking. Here are some tips to get you started.

Training Programs Are Essential

Sometimes, if you can’t find the skilled workers you need, the easiest path to success is to train your workforce internally. By providing employees with access to comprehensive training and mentorship programs, you can fill in skill gaps on your own. You can mold your best and brightest into the candidates you need, allowing them to advance their abilities while you gain access to a more capable workforce.

Providing training opportunities can also be a great method for improving overall productivity. Employees who have the option of learning on the job typically experience higher levels of job satisfaction and morale. It can also attract attention from other individuals interested in working for a company that supports their career goals, helping you gain access to passive job seekers who may not have otherwise considered leaving their current employer.

Connect with Schools in Your Community

Local colleges and trade schools can be a source of fresh talent who are eager to find a suitable employment opportunity. By connecting with these institutions, you can reach new graduates and others who will be completing their programs soon. This can give you an advantage when recruiting for certain entry-level positions, as you can gain access to these individuals before they begin searching the local job market.

Speak with the school’s administration or employment assistance offices and see if there are options for forming a partnership for referrals. You can also learn about job fairs and other events the institution hosts that could be an excellent source of candidates for your positions. In many cases, you’ll be able to connect with students and alumni as well as other job seekers if the job fairs are widely advertised and open to the public.

Work with a Professional Staffing Agency

Reputable local staffing firms can help you find the skilled workers your business needs, including for temporary or permanent positions. Often, these organizations have access to large pools of talent that are interested in finding new jobs in the area. Many of these job seekers are actively looking for opportunities, meaning they may be able to start quickly. This means you get access to top talent in less time, allowing you to get your company on track fast.

If you are looking to hire skilled workers in less time, the professional recruitment team at CPS Recruitment® can help you find high-quality, experienced workers for your vacant positions. Contact us today to see how our services can work for you.

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