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Nope, Not Qualified

By Tracie Tucci, CTS | Manufacturing Recruiter

Do you ever look at a resume and go nope, not qualified and move on???  Here at Contemporary Personnel Staffing we pride ourselves on getting to know our client companies and their culture.  We believe there is a company for everybody,  but that doesn’t mean everybody belongs in every company!

For example, just the other day I interviewed a seemingly unqualified candidate.  My first impression was very good.  He was on time, well dressed and had excellent penmanship.  Within the first 5 minutes of speaking with him I just knew I had to place him somewhere, however, I just wasn’t quite sure where yet.  He had good annunciation, really took pride in his work and his genuine personality shined.  He offered additional information regarding current and past positions without hesitation and without embellishing his roles.  Overall he really impressed me. 

We didn't think this tree was qualified for the job either, but Tracie convinced us otherwise!

In fact, when the interview was complete I was already in a better mood as a direct result of the influence this individual had on me.  Remember. he was the same candidate that had a resume that screamed  nope, not qualified.  Now here I am trying to figure out how I am going to successfully secure a swim coach/lifeguard a job in the manufacturing world.  Sure enough I looked through the open positions I was currently working on and there it was— the company he was perfect for and vice versa!  I immediately picked up the phone and called my  HR Contact to tell her I have got the guy for her but could not possibly just send the resume over in an e-mail because she would think I clearly wasn’t doing my job.  I was so excited about this candidate and told her, “you have to interview him I know you will just love him.  Admittedly, he doesn’t have the skill set or experience you are looking for but he is the perfect fit.”  Sounds pretty funny and ridiculous all at the same time, right!?  I went on to explain how motivated, computer savvy and dedicated he was.  She agreed to look at his resume and send it on to the supervisor of that area.  They decided to interview him the next morning and it was a match made in heaven!  For this particular organization, although it was not specified in the job description, personality was half the battle.

When you find yourself overwhelmed with several resumes to go through, or just can’t find that “right one,”  think of Contemporary Personnel Staffing.  We are here to find that needle in a haystack that is just right for you!

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