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No, Robots Can’t Recruit for You

The process of recruiting and hiring new employees is no stranger to change. Job boards revolutionized how job seekers and companies connect; applicant tracking systems (ATS) altered screening processes significantly; social media turned everything on its head. Now, as artificial intelligence continues to play a larger role in nearly every industry, it seems like these sophisticated systems may be able to handle these tasks for you in their entirety.

But, there is a lot of the recruiting process that still requires a human touch. Here’s what you need to know.

Detailed Job Descriptions

Recruitment technologies rely on data to screen candidates. Typically, this involves detailed job descriptions, numerous keywords, and extensive requirements. While this may seem ideal for finding the precise kind of job seeker you think you need to locate, few people will have every skill, experience, or degree on the list, and you may find that the solution screens everyone out along the way.

Further, an ATS can’t deviate from what it was given. For example, it doesn’t know what a particular acronym means unless you tell it. The vast majority of recruitment technologies also can’t take context into consideration, which could lead a great candidate to get tossed aside because of its limited capacity.

Ultimately, overly cumbersome job descriptions could actually hurt your odds of finding top talent for your vacancies, so it is better to keep the requirements low, reflecting the true must-haves for the position, and allow a person to be involved in the rest of the assessments.


A successful candidate is more than just a set of hard skills. They also possess soft skills, which are often hard to articulate in writing, which may be difficult for an AI to assess from a resume alone. Plus, concerns like cultural fit usually can’t be resolved based on what is presented in an application, making it another point where human input is required.

In some cases, a candidate with only some of the desired competencies also has an extremely high amount of potential, meaning they could easily be trained and molded into your ideal employee. Again, this is often beyond a recruitment technologies ability to assess and, if it fails to do so effectively, you could miss out on an exceptional hire.

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of areas that an AI, ATS, or similar technology can’t properly review, no matter what parameters you provide for screening. Instead, a human touch is required, allowing the candidate to be viewed as a whole instead of just the sum of their parts.

If you are looking for an effective and efficient method for recruiting and hiring for your vacancies, the skilled team at CPS Recruitment have the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our approach and see how our services can work for you.

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