No One Likes a Complainer…
Don't touch the thermostat!

By Wendy Johnson, CPC, IT Recruiter

I hate complaining. Don’t get me wrong….I complain myself, but I still hate it. However, I must say that I usually complain when I don’t have the ability to change something, which is slightly better than complaining when you do have the ability to change something.

For example, our office is typically pretty cold. On any given day, you will find people at their desks with a blanket, shawl, sweater, or even a snuggie on (see image below!). I quickly realized that the temperature in the office was out of my control, and I would just have to get used to it. So, I asked for a wool shawl for Christmas (the snuggie was too hard to walk in), and traded in my stylish pumps for fur lined boots. However, on mornings like this one when my nose is running and my fingers are practically numb, I can’t help it – I still complain!

Snuggies: not practical

If I ever catch myself complaining about things I can change, I try to take action. Four years ago I started complaining about my job. Not because of the temperature in the office, but because of significant things like corporate restrictions, work environment, and compensation plans. The more I complained, the more I realized I was starting to sound exactly like the people who frustrate me – those who complain about things they have the power to change. I decided that enough was enough, and within a couple of weeks I started my new job here at Professionals Incorporated.

When I hear family or friends complaining about their jobs, I often ask “why don’t you make a change”? Regardless of their answer, there are only 2 reasons it could be: 1) They have no reason to believe they would be happier elsewhere (which by the way is a much deeper problem than any new job could fix), or 2) They lack the motivation necessary to make a change.

I have a friend who hates her job. She says she is always looking for a new one, but her excuse is that there aren’t any jobs out there due to the economy. Meanwhile, I work at the largest locally owned recruiting firm in CNY, have access to hundreds of jobs, hiring managers, and countless contacts. I have never seen her resume. Furthermore, I can tell you from a recruiter’s perspective that Syracuse as a whole did not experience the same downturn in economy that the majority of the country did. We slowed down for the first 6 months of 2009, but have been booming ever since! Please don’t let the excuse of “the economy” prevent you from looking, because there are jobs out there in every discipline.

While I will probably continue to complain about the temperature here for a long time to come, I know the truly important things – a fun work environment, stability, great co-workers, enough challenge to keep me busy, generous compensation, community involvement – are more than satisfied by my current employer, and I will gladly wear a parka to stay here if I have to! If you can’t say you are satisfied with all of those things, then now is the time to explore what else might be out there.

Please contact me if you are thinking of making a career change and I can schedule a time to meet with you in our offices….…just make sure to bring a sweater…or, you can borrow my snuggie!

Wendy Johnson, CPC can be reached at

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