New Grads Are Entering the Workforce – Here’s What You Need to Teach Them

Now that graduation season is officially over, a passel of new grads is beginning to take their first steps into the workforce. While they may have a suitable amount of technical know-how to perform in their position, many are experiencing a professional work environment for the first time.

Integrating a new grad into your workplace somewhat differs from the process of onboarding a seasoned professional. Recent graduates don’t have the same foundation, so you’ll need to guide them if you want them to be successful in their role.

If you have new grads joining your workforce, here’s what you need to teach them.

The Importance of Standard Processes

Most college grads have already learned lessons about timeliness and self-reliance. Otherwise, they likely wouldn’t have completed their degree. One area where college might not leave them prepared for the working world is the need to follow standard processes set by someone else.

While acquiring an education, most students can study and complete assignments in a way that suits their preferences. Even when there is a framework, such as a mandatory format for a paper, students are typically otherwise left to their own devices to finish their assigned tasks outside the classroom itself. This creates a sense of autonomy and provides them with the freedom to handle activities in their own manner.

But many workplaces rely on standard processes and approaches to ensure all employees are meeting the same requirements. Additionally, it makes it easier to transition a task from one worker to the next. Since college grads might not be familiar with why standardization is important, discussing this topic thoroughly is a must.

Observe Before You Attempt to Change

Most new grads are excited about what they learned while earning their degree, especially if some of their coursework focused on cutting-edge technologies or techniques. This can lead them to pitch ideas about how the workplace can be improved quickly, something that can frustrate the seasoned professionals working on their team.

Let the new grad know that, while their thoughts and ideas are welcome, it is wise to observe how the workplace functions before being an advocate for change. Learn not just how something is done, but why the company handles it that way. Often, there is reasoning behind the decision, and it’s wise to discover the justifications before attempting to alter tried-and-true processes.

You’re Never Done Learning

When a student gets their degree, they view receiving their diploma as a signal that the learning phase of their life is complete. However, professional development and skill improvement are lifelong pursuits, particularly if you want to be successful in your career.

If you bring a new grad into your workplace, impress upon them they are never done learning. Connect them to training programs to help them keep their momentum, and showcase how – by adding new skills or improving those they have – this will help them excel in their role and reach the next step on their career path.

All the points above can help new grads integrate into the workforce more effectively, giving them the knowledge they need to be successful professionals. If you are interested in learning more, the professionals at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to discuss your business goals today and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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