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Why New-Grad Millennials Are Great for Your Workplace


It is estimated that by 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the global workforce. They have already become a majority. And while they may be new and different in the eyes of previous generations, that’s not a bad thing. In fact, there’s a lot to be learned from millennials – and less of a gap between them and their predecessors than many may think.

The Pros of Millennials

When you come to understand the millennial demographic, you will realize how they can help shape your organization for a successful and vibrant future. New-grad millennials tend to:

  • Be highly motivated. They get bored easily but on the flip side, they always want to be moving forward. They may stop briefly to celebrate accomplishments, but quickly start looking for the next brass ring to grab. This tenacity can drive excellent business results in a world that moves faster than ever before.
  • Work and play hard. Once their workday is done, millennials want to switch gears and make the most of their free time – but not until they are satisfied that they have produced top-notch work. They place enormous value on work-life balance, possibly because they have watched their baby boomer parents delay happiness in return for career advancement. Accept that this desire is admirable and that any scheduling changes you make to accommodate it will benefit your entire team.
  • Thrive on flexibility. Millennials work best in relaxed environments where they can focus on the task at hand. This may mean working from home or another remote location or having a comfortable couch or open, walls-free work area versus a traditional office or cubicle.
  • Be very resourceful. Self-teaching and self-management are important to millennial workers. If they are confused or stuck solving a problem, they will take the time and initiative to figure it out on their own. Getting creative is half the fun. Millennials tend to be natural researchers and technically savvy. Combined with a typically upbeat attitude and the ability to multitask and get things done quickly, this is a strong formula for success.
  • Want to share responsibility. Many millennials have grown up with a parenting style that supported individual empowerment, with children as involved as adults in decision making. As a result, they are looking to be more than just cogs in a massive corporate machine. Create opportunities that allow them to take responsibility and find success on a micro level. Then they can easily grow into larger roles.
  • Place a high priority on ethics. Millennials zero in on corporate ethics and social responsibility, which of course is a positive. They take this so far that they will walk away from companies who fall short of their expectations, even if the tradeoff is lower compensation.

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