How to Network Your Way into a Great New Accounting Career


As you seek your next great accounting job, take an innovative approach that goes way beyond posting your resume on industry job boards. The best opportunities are found via networking – both on and offline. Use the most powerful tactics you can to stand out from the crowd of candidates vying for the same position.

Social Networking Matters

Social media profiles have become standard tools for recruiters as they research and evaluate talent. Platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others are the source of more than 40 percent of job candidates and about 15 percent of hires.

  • Optimize your social media presence. Google yourself and comb through everything that has been published or posted about you online. Clean it up as needed.
  • Complete your LinkedIn profile. An impressive 94 percent of social media recruiting takes place on LinkedIn. An equal percentage of business owners use social networking, starting with LinkedIn, to find talent.

Use Your Personal Connections

Social networking is a key tool in your job search – but it is far from the only one. Never underestimate the power of your personal connections. Research has shown that more than 80 percent of jobs are found through one-on-one networking.

  • Arrange informational interviews. The purpose of these networking interactions is not to get a job, but to learn more about the accounting market, specific companies, and additional connections. Send a copy of your resume in advance. Pay for coffee or lunch and keep the person you meet updated on your status. Be proactive in building these relationships.
  • Attend conferences, meetings, and events where you can engage with other accounting pros. Spread the word that you are on the market and that you are open to suggestions. Your chances of landing a job will increase significantly as your network expands.

Partner with a Niche Recruiter

Niche recruiters work in a very specific market … yours! They have access to top accounting firms and positions; namely, the very best jobs, which are those that go unadvertised.

  • A specialized recruiter will get to know you and your needs. Their success is based on building relationships and matching the right talent with the right opportunities. Once you establish this partnership, it can benefit you throughout the course of your career.

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