How Much Does it Cost to Work with a Staffing Firm? Nothing!

HowMuchDoesItCost-TwitterHow much will it cost to work with a staffing firm as you seek your next career opportunity?

That was a trick question – or at least one with a really, really good answer. Because the answer is “nothing.” As a candidate, you pay no fee to work with a staffing firm. All costs are absorbed by employers who have contracted with the company to fill job vacancies.

Yes!!! And there are a number of other benefits as well:

Professional Contacts

The best staffing firms have extensive networks of contacts developed through their established relationships with HR managers and industry experts. They can leverage this resource to find the best fit for your experience, qualifications and lifestyle goals.

  • Staffing firms have access to unadvertised openings. Often, these are the “prime” jobs that you won’t hear about through general media channels.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals. Your staffing firm will have a pulse on current hiring trends and will link you to both respected veterans and up-and-coming talent in your field.


Employment as a temporary candidate gives you more control over your schedule and the option of accepting assignments that suit your timetable. For instance, you could work for nine months and then take the summer off. And before one assignment ends, you can position yourself to secure the next one.

  • You can test the workplace waters. A temporary assignment enables you to “try out” an employer, work environment and company culture before considering a permanent commitment.
  • Get to know a variety of industries and companies. In doing so, you absorb a great deal of knowledge regarding operational and business skills. Even within the constraints of privacy and non-compete agreements, this can prove very valuable to your future plans.

A Step to a Permanent Job

Employers don’t want to lose good people. If you add value in a temporary position, oftentimes a company can turn it into a permanent role.

  • Working as a consultant demonstrates your resourcefulness. Instead of waiting around for a permanent position, you’re gaining experience, networking, and staying current with industry trends and technology. And, you’re proving your adaptability in moving from one role to another. These assets are highly valued by hiring managers across the board.

Career Coaching

In order to make the right client/candidate match, staffing specialists are ready and willing to provide job seekers with career advice. This includes:

  • Resume and interview advice preparation: Your staffing specialist can make recommendations and provide you with advice and resources regarding designing, developing and/or updating your resume. Your staffing specialist can also assist with interviewing tips and preparations for meeting with prospective employers.
  • Ongoing feedback: Career coaching will enable you to continuously improve and ultimately succeed with your job search plan.

It’s no wonder that more than four million Americans, or about 30 percent of the workforce, are employed in contracting, consulting and temporary assignments. If the idea interests you, contact the team at CPS and Professional Inc. to learn more. If you are looking for staffing firms in Syracuse, contact us today.



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