Miserable at Your Finance Job? This Might Be Why…

Nearly every professional is sometimes dissatisfied with their job. But, if you spend your entire Sunday dreading the approaching workday, feel sick or anxious when you head into the office, or are so unhappy that it’s affecting other aspects of your life, it may be time for a change.

If you are miserable at your finance job, it’s important first to figure out why. After that, you can work to find a solution. Here are a few reasons you may be unhappy, and what you can do about them.

You’re Bored

When your finance job isn’t challenging in the slightest, it’s easy to become bored in your position. This can lead to disengagement, increasing feelings of resentment, and even complacency.

If your lack of interesting activities is making you miserable, it may be time to ask for new assignments that peak your interest. You can also look for excitement outside of work, such as by volunteering or taking part in a hobby. However, if that isn’t enough, finding a new job may be just what you need.

You’re Overworked

Being overwhelmed at the office can be just as damaging as boredom. It can increase your stress levels, promote anxiety, and cause irritability that can be hard to shake.

If you find yourself in this situation, begin by examining how you manage your time and see if you can find ways to improve. A course in time management may be beneficial, though even reading an article full of tips may be enough to get things in order.

However, if there simply isn’t enough time in the day to complete your duties, you might want to discuss the situation with your manager. They may have insights that can help or could potentially shift some of your workload if you are genuinely being asked to do more than is feasible.

You Clash With the Environment

Cultural fit plays a big role in job satisfaction and, if the environment isn’t a great match, that can breed feelings of frustration. For example, if you are an introvert and work in an open office, the noise and interruptions may not be conducive to your success.

If you clash with the company’s culture, your only solution may be to find a new opportunity in a workplace that matches your needs.

Your Workplace Is Toxic

A toxic workplace can be incredibly hard to handle on a daily basis. Whether office rumors dominate the conversation, backstabbing is commonplace, or the environment is blatantly hostile, then you need to take action.

If the situation is limited to a few individuals, you can consider discussing your feelings with the main offenders. You can also get your manager or another company leader involved, as long as they aren’t the source of the problem.

However, if the toxic environment is pervasive and effectively part of the organization’s culture, your only recourse may be a swift exit.

If you want to find a new finance job, the professionals at CPS Recruitment can introduce you to exciting opportunities throughout the area. Contact us to discuss your needs today and see how our services can help you find a position that will provide you with the job satisfaction you deserve.

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