Market Your Company to Job Seekers

By Olesh Iwachiw, CPC | Government Contracts / Technical Recruiter

It’s a common misconception that employers typically have the upper-hand when it comes to hiring for their open positions. With today’s workforce conditions, there are staggering numbers of people looking for jobs. Companies feel that, in the face of desperation, candidates will take what they can get when they can get it. Often, they become overconfident that, when they are presented with good candidates, they’ll have no problems reeling them in and retaining them. Of course not all candidates are out of work or are desperately looking. Even for those who are, it’s not unlikely for them to have multiple competing offers at any given point. For those candidates who are employed and passively looking at new opportunities, they are typically in no rush to jump on a new position, especially if the position and the values/mission of the company don’t align with their professional goals.

The allure of a new position, from the candidate’s perspective, is typically based on the opportunity to undertake new or increased job responsibilities or work for an employer whose culture, values and offerings are more attractive to them. If an employer is going to be successful in enticing a candidate AND holding on to them long-term, the employer must practice what they preach.  As an employer, being honest with candidates when communicating the true experience of working at your organization, and then following through with that experience, is critical to employee satisfaction and retention. The last thing an employer wants after weeks (potentially months) of working with a candidate is to have them start and, almost immediately, start second-guessing their decision to leave their former employer or turning down another offer.  A lot of employers will throw out ear-catching buzzwords when they’re trying to “woo” the candidate during the interview phase, but it’s even more important that the promises and representations made by those buzzwords is carried through during the employee acclimation period and beyond.  

As recruiters, we are committed to facilitating clear, consistent and accurate communication between both our clients and the candidates we mutually represent. Misrepresenting yourself is almost a sure-fire path to ultimate failure and if you’re able to deceive someone by misrepresenting yourself in a positive light, it won’t take long afterwards for the truth to show.  As a highly-skilled recruiting firm that believes in and adheres to a strict ethics policy, our team strives to accurately convey the various aspects of working for our clients to our candidates, just as we convey the strengths and shortcoming of our candidates to the clients we work with.   Certainly not every employer can offer the same level of work-life balance, benefits, perks and growth opportunities as others but I firmly believe that there is a good candidate for every job vacancy out there; it’s a matter of making the right match by learning as much as you can about both parties (candidate and employer) and openly communicating about how each can contribute something to the other, resulting in long-term satisfaction and success.

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