How to Make your Great Hire a Great Employee


The strategy of hiring and retaining top talent begins with a candidate’s first point of contact and extends throughout their tenure with your company. Much has to do with your corporate culture: the attitudes, beliefs, values and mission that drive your organization and shape your workplace environment.

Start communicating your employer brand when an individual initially reaches out to you, whether it’s via the careers page on your website, a traditional media venue or a personal contact. Establish and maintain an individualized, ongoing two-way dialogue based on mutual trust and respect. This will help ensure that you not only secure the right candidate for every opening, but also hold on to them as you develop your future workforce.

Hiring: The Candidate Experience

A-level talent has choices. They seek companies and roles that best suit their immediate needs and long-term aspirations. If they don’t find them at your organization, they’ll succeed in doing so elsewhere.

  • Tell a compelling story. Highlight the innovative, ground breaking projects and products in which your company has played an instrumental role. The opportunity to work on the “latest and greatest” will engender candidates’ interest and lay the foundation for ongoing commitment and loyalty.
  • Emphasize work/life balance. This is especially critical among Generation X candidates (aged 25 through 34) who have consistently noted that they would leave a job that failed to provide this key element. Regardless of age or demographics, employees are increasingly seeking flexibility in hours, job sharing, the option to telecommute, time-sharing and related options.
  • Continuously improve your system. Interview employees who recently completed the candidate experience, as well as individuals who were not hired. Have them rate their experiences including the quality of communication and company responsiveness, the length of the interview process and the information they were given. Would they apply again or refer others to your company? Get an all-around view to determine effectiveness and spot any weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Retaining Superstars

Retention of high-performing talent helps ensure customer satisfaction, sales, employee satisfaction and effective succession planning. Successful retention grows more important as the nation’s 76,000 Baby Boomers (aged 40 through 58) retire. By comparison, there are currently just 44,000 Gen X employees in the workforce.

  • Set and communicate clear expectations. Employees need to know what’s expected of them, every single day. A culture of constantly changing expectations keeps people on edge and creates unhealthy stress.
  • Provide employees the tools, resources, time and training they need. Based on their individual skill sets and goals, give them robust career development opportunities. Assign them to challenging teams and projects where they can learn and develop a sense of ownership. Encourage them to attend workshops and seminars. Pay their tuition, as well as their membership fees to professional organizations. Career oriented, valued employees must feel they can grow while staying within your organization.

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