Losing Motivation Halfway Through the Year? Do This!

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At the halfway point in the year, it is common to see your motivation drop off. You may not have the passion you did when you originally formed goals at the beginning of the new year, or the change in weather may have you distracted by thoughts of days in the sun. Regardless of the reason, if you can’t seem to keep your engine revving, then it could be time for a tune-up. To help you get your mojo back, here are some tips to get your motivation levels back up this summer.

The 20-Minute Rule

Sometimes, when we are faced with a task that isn’t the most enjoyable, it can be challenging to get started, let alone finish. If that sounds like you, consider instituting a 20-minute rule to get things moving.

The 20-minute rule involves dedicating yourself fully to the task for 20 minutes. Then, when the time is up, you are free to set the project down for a time. In most cases, people feel confident in their ability to manage almost anything for 20 minutes, and giving yourself permission to take a break once you’ve done just that can provide an almost immediate reward.

Just schedule 20-minute blocks throughout the day, or a series of days, and give the task your all until the timer goes off. Then, set it aside and do something enjoyable, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Take Time for Something You Love (About Work)

If your daily duties aren’t keeping your fire lit, take some time to dig into your work that actually does. Anything from attending a great lecture, reading an article about the future of the field, or taking a class in an area in which you are passionate can help you regain your energy on the job.

Not every day at work is going to be awe-inspiring. So, when you feel a bit stuck in a rut, do something that reminds you why you chose the field and see if it can get our motivation going again.

Consider Moving On

Sometimes, a lack of motivation isn’t a seasonal thing. Over time, we can feel stuck in our careers or may even think that our current field isn’t actually the right choice for us. If you’ve done everything you can to try and get your passion back at work, and it just isn’t happening, then it may be time to move on. It could be that finding a position with a new employer will get you in a more positive place, or exploring how to obtain a job in a new field might get you moving.

Many people decide to take a new direction during their lives, so it could be the right choice for you as well. If you are considering a job change, the skilled recruiters at CPS Recruitment® can help you plan your next steps. Contact us today and see if a new opportunity is just what you need to get your motivation back.


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