Are You Losing Great Candidates?

LosingCandidates-FacebookIn today’s job market, high-demand candidates can often choose among a number of competing offers. Any delay or indecision on your part may be the reason you lose them to the competition.

So be sure to provide timely, candidate-specific feedback and treat each one like the valued customer they are.

Your Hiring Process Says a Lot about You

Recent statistics on candidate dissatisfaction with hiring practices are staggering.

  • Fifty-five percent of college graduates surveyed reported a lack of satisfaction with their recruitment experience. And 11 percent claimed it was so negative that they “would be unlikely to use the prospective employer’s products or services in the future.” Ouch!
  • Forty-seven percent of candidates said they had not applied to a company because the hiring process was so frustrating. And another 44 percent were driven away by vague job descriptions.
  • One-third of job seekers eliminated potential employers because it was “simply too difficult to find company information.”
  • One study shows that 56 percent of employers who recruited candidates in a one-year period had their offers rejected, most often due to a negative recruitment experience.

Silence is Not Golden

One of the main issues cited by candidates who were turned off by recruiting experiences was silence on the part of prospective employers.

  • A recent Career Builder survey indicated that a mind-boggling 75 percent of respondents “never heard back from employers.” A lack of response can do lasting damage to your employment brand and your corporate reputation.
  • Forty-two percent of candidates with negative experiences said they would never again seek employment at companies who failed to keep them informed of their status. And 22 percent would tell others not to work there.

These statistics are particularly telling when you consider the power and range of social media. Lack of response is a leading reason why superstar candidates are going to work elsewhere – and all it takes is a momentary click for your negative story to go viral.

Build an Efficient System

To avoid losing great candidates, build a system that sources more candidates and recruits more efficiently. Each individual should have a unique experience that is engaging and relevant to them.

  • Identify high-potential candidates early on. This way, you can expedite them through the process. Include a provision for connecting with passive job seekers.
  • Be cognizant of Gen Web talent. This demographic expects an especially interesting and unique exchange when researching possible career moves.
  • Move quickly. A drawn-out interview and hiring process is a turn off. Stay in touch with candidates and keep them apprised of their status.

Partnering with a staffing firm can be a key method for ensuring that candidate communication lines remain open and that your hiring process stays on track, on time and on budget.

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