Looking for a Change in Your Admin Job? These Tips Can Help!


When you realize your admin job just isn’t working for you anymore, it’s tempting to give your notice tomorrow and forge ahead, making a change ASAP. But, making the right choice takes time, patience, work and thought. Successful career changes rarely proceed in a straight line. Use these tips to make your career transition a successful and rewarding one.

Do Your Research

Focus on identifying an industry that is strong or emerging in your targeted area of interest. It should be an opportunity that has some similarities to your current experience.

  • If you’re unsure what you want to do, look for former colleagues who held roles similar to yours and have moved on. Use your network of on and offline connections. Take them out for coffee or lunch so you can pick their brains. This is an excellent way to gain valuable insight into the market and hear about unpublished openings.

Pick a Target

Once you’ve identified which industry you want to target, begin to familiarize with it as much as possible. You will then need to set up your resume and online profiles so they are positioned accordingly.

  • Immerse yourself in the field and its terminology. Subscribe to industry newsletters and blogs, join professional groups, and attend networking events and trade shows. Learn to talk the talk, so you can walk the walk.

Give It Time

Trying to change industries or careers is challenging because you rarely meet all the “must-have” requirements in the job description. Show passion and patience. Many career coaches agree that it takes an average of eight months to make a successful job change.

  • Allow yourself time to learn new skills and get to know more people in your desired area. Research leads to success in your new field, and then create your own path to get there.
  • Try it out on a volunteer or part-time basis. Then you can make a better decision regarding whether or not you want to pursue a new field full time.

Find a Coach

In addition to networking, you may want to work with a consultant or career coach. This could be the right strategy if you:

  • Have no idea where to begin and you need to make a plan.
  • Know where to start, but can’t get the momentum going.
  • Feel stuck, yet can’t imagine what else you could or would do.
  • Simply want to bounce ideas around with an impartial expert.


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