Looking for Call Center Jobs? Here’s What You CAN’T Have on Your Resume


Call center representatives are the first point of contact for a customer with a business. In a call center position, you’re responsible for being the initial voice of your company. This includes fielding all manner of inquiries and handling questions, problems and issues in an appropriate and timely fashion. Mishandled, an incoming or outbound call can mean handing business to the competition – for good.

As you seek the right call center job for you, it takes just a little extra effort to fine-tune your resume, with emphasis on result-driven accomplishments. It will be well worth the time as you stand out from other candidates with a focus on transferable skills that can be customized and applied to individual positions.

One way to be sure your resume has it all? Take a look at what it shouldn’t look or sound like …

It’s Not Just a List of Job Duties

The experience outlined on your resume should be individually tailored to every job description for the position on the table. It’s all about relevance. List your past career achievements and skills, including keywords found in the job postings. Include:

  • Customer services supervisory skills.
  • Customer relationship management experience.
  • Training and development for CSRs.
  • Development of customer service reports.
  • Call center process improvements.
  • Budget management expertise.

It’s Not Too General

Your goal is to tell a compelling story of what you’ve accomplished through your education, training and professional experience that will add value in your call center representative roll. Be as specific as possible, using numbers and percentages for maximum impact.

  • If you describe your accomplishment as “streamlining a process,” describe the results as “a 15 percent reduction in claims processing time.”
  • Stating that you “answered 90 percent of calls within 30 seconds” is a strong start, but it’s even better if you can say that outcomes were “10 percent higher than performance expectations.”

It’s Not Limited to Hard Skills

Soft skills – including communication, teamwork, a strong work ethic and a positive attitude – are just as important as hard skills when it comes to call center success. Be sure to incorporate these attributes into your resume. Include:

  • Interpersonal, written and oral communication abilities.
  • Listening skills and the ability to ask probing questions, understand concerns and overcome objections.
  • Your strength as a self-starter who can effectively manage multiple priorities and adapt to change in a fast-paced environment.
  • The ability to quickly develop rapport with customers over the phone.
  • Organizational skills.

These complement such hard professional skills as computer and software aptitude and keyboarding strength. A college degree and/or previous call center experience may be preferred, but generally are not required.

Companies want to hire someone who makes a difference in their organization. And you want to find a job that makes a positive difference in your life. The specialized team at Contemporary Personnel Staffing & Professionals Incorporated can partner with you to help you find a great call center opportunity! Contact us today at jobs@cpsprofessionals.com to learn more.

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