How to Locate Local Networking Groups

There are countless networking groups out there – both on and off line. And their importance cannot be overemphasized as you seek and secure your next job opportunity. How do you find the local organizations and affiliations that will best advance your career?


LinkedIn is the premier networking site for job candidates, hiring managers and business professionals in general. And LinkedIn Groups are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to building productive long-term relationships and generating leads.

Join a LinkedIn Group by:

  • Clicking on Groups in the search box at the top of any page.
  • Clicking on Groups You May Like.
  • Type in keywords or group names.
  • Or, use the Search Groups Directory.
  • Or, move your cursor over Interests at the top of your home page and select groups.

To bolster your job search, join as many relevant LinkedIn groups as possible in order to network, get advice and view postings. Zero in on those in your locality so you can ultimately benefit from as much personal networking as possible.


A Meetup is a planned event where like-minded people meet and typically “chat” over cocktails or in a similar venue. Organizing or participating in a Meetup is an excellent way to network and establish yourself as a “go to” person in your profession – or a valued prospective employee.

Meetup is a prime venue for meeting others in your community the old-fashioned way: face to face, versus on the internet.

To make this happen, go to the Meetup page and click the Join Us! button on the right side of the navigation bar. Check our to see networking events in your area.

Local Networking Groups

By its very nature, networking has to be a personal experience in order to be effective. Even if the process starts with an online connection, the whole point is to meet and interact with people one on one and, in the case of job seekers, become part of the same organizational team.

Research professional organizations within your industry and select one or two where you can optimize your return on the investment you’ll make in dues payment and time. And don’t disregard the second one: It’s pointless to join an organization and not be active. You’ll want to attend events, serve on or chair committees and perhaps even vie for a board membership.

Boost your professional development and growth opportunities by making local networking an integral part of your career path strategy. If you are looking to expand your networking and find a rewarding job opportunity in Syracuse, contact our team today.

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