LinkedIn Series: What Types of Media to Include on Your Profile

It’s been a social media world for a while – but now it’s become a visual social media world.LinkedIn-Series

What’s the difference? By optimizing the media connected to your social platforms, you can make them significantly more interactive and engaging. This is especially effective when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, where the Professional Portfolio feature enables you to add media that enhances your resume in an exciting new way.

About Professional Portfolio

Launched last May, Professional Portfolio allows LinkedIn users to easily display their work, rather than just talk about it in their profiles. You can showcase presentations, e-books, blog posts, videos and other images and include a call-to-action message and live links to draw the viewer in. Every time you change your visual content, it shows on the news feed, further strengthening your exposure.

Here’s how Professional Portfolio works:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Next to any module, you’ll see a small square image with a plus sign on it. Click this to either upload a file or add a link to your work.
  • You’ll be asked to enter a URL and provide a link description. LinkedIn will automatically pull an image for the work.
  • Use the Title space to describe the work you’re placing on your profile – or you can stick with the generic title of the website link provided by LinkedIn. (You guessed right. It’s more interesting and creative to take the added step of personalization.)

Make It Work for You

LinkedIn profiles have traditionally been known as platforms where words do the talking. The advantage of Professional Portfolio is that you can use visual images to draw people to your profile and engage them with your content. And we process images much faster than we process text.

  • If you have content on SlideShare, feature it on your Professional Portfolio. This is an excellent way to help ensure that you stand out among other job seekers.
  • Highlight your achievements. Link to photos or videos of awards you’ve won, presentations you’ve made or projects you’ve quarterbacked. Promote the quality of your work and the innovations you’ve conceptualized and brought to fruition. LinkedIn offers the ability for visitors to like or comment on your images and videos.
  • Add social proof. Use screen shots to share audience reaction to that presentation you nailed at last month’s workshop. Or, take shots of a thread of tweets that illustrate that positive feedback. Mix up your visual media. You can use any content that has a link or can be updated as a file, so be creative!

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