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Your Light Industrial Employees Wish You Would Say This…

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All managers know that being a quality leader is critical to the success of your employees. Providing clear direction, timely feedback and an open dialogue all help you guide your workers to be their best. But, there are certain things that every light industrial employee would like to hear. And working these statements into regular conversation can help your workers not just exceed, but excel.

To help you understand what you should be telling your industrial employees and how it helps, here are some lines you can start using today.

“I Am Confident in Your Ability to Succeed”

An employee that is left wondering whether their boss believes in them isn’t going to boost performance. Mix this with a tendency to micromanage and even the most confident employee will begin to falter.

Instead of leaving it a mystery as to whether you believe in their abilities, simply tell your staff you do. Then, leave them to the task at hand. By combining a positive assertion in their skills with the willingness to let go of the reins a bit gives you a formula for success in the short- and long-term with all of your staff.

“Let’s Work with Your Strengths”

Similar to stating confidence in an employee’s abilities, openly stating you want to work toward their strengths lets an employee know you understand what makes them unique. Additionally, it shows your support for finding a way to let them shine.

Strong leaders want their employees to reach their full potential and, by focusing on a person’s existing strengths, you give them a chance not just to meet but thoroughly exceed expectations. And nothing boosts a workers confidence like knowing they are excelling in their position.

“These Goals Are Our Priority”

A leader that can clearly state group goals and help employees understand the big picture is giving everyone what they need to do well. Sometimes, at the individual worker level, it can be hard to understand how your duties fit into larger objectives. But, by making cumulative goals clear and articulating how they will be accomplished, you are allowing everyone to work towards a cohesive vision. And that can help every employee feel more confident in their role as well as the value they are providing to the business as a whole.

“What Can I Do to Support Your Career?”

This question doesn’t just give you insight into where your employee wants to go, but it also helps you understand how the company can help them get there. And, by showing support for their career, you can actually increase loyalty and reduce turnover, both of which help the business succeed.

Workers love knowing that their manager sees they are more than just what they are doing today. By being a part of their growth, you enable them to perform at their best while helping them create a career in which they can be proud.

If you are looking for new light industrial employees for current or future vacancies, the recruitment professionals at CPS Recruitment® can help you find the workers you need. to discuss your unique needs, and we will craft a hiring plan tailored specifically to you.


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