Lessons to learn: “Take pride in your work” and “Do the best job possible.”

By: Maria Alexander | Research Recruiter

Each night I sit with my 10 year old daughter as she does her homework and countless times I say to her, “take pride in your work” and “do the best job possible.”   She constantly looks at me like I am the most annoying mother in the world, and maybe to some extent that is true.  My goal is not to drive her crazy, but to teach her a valuable lesson that she can carry with her from her youth into adulthood.  A lesson that my parents taught me, that I still apply to each task at hand.

As I meet with job candidates, I sometimes wish that I could give them the same advice, “Take pride in your work,” even if your current job is looking for a new job.  From the resume writing process to the interview, a job candidate should take pride in what they present to a potential employer.  A resume should be well written, with thought and consideration put into every word: it is a representation of your knowledge and skills and ultimately it is a reflection of you.  When preparing for an interview the same is true.  Research the company, practice possible interview questions, and plan on being at the interview site early.  Preparation shows you care about what you do. 

On the interview day, take pride in your appearance and how you present yourself.  Answer your questions clearly and with conviction, and ask the interviewer questions that show you are interested in the company and the job you are seeking.  Once you have completed the interview, send a proper (spell checked) thank you letter.  All of these things, done with thoroughness and care increase your chances of getting that new job, they show that you take pride in what you do and indicate that you will give your best once on the job.  

Of course it goes without saying, that after you get that new job continue doing your best possible work.  Even if your job involves the most menial of tasks, how you approach those tasks speaks volumes to your character and you will be rewarded in the end.

So, I will continue to annoy my daughter each night and as she rolls her eyes at me, I will think about her future and hope that one day she will understand the value in my words, “take pride in your work” and “do the best job possible.”

If you take pride in your work and are looking to contribute by doing the best job possible make sure you send your resume to Maria Alexander or check out our job postings on the Professionals Incorporated website.

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