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Whenever you leave a job, you typically hope the new opportunity is going to move your career in the right direction. While this is usually the case, sometimes, things don’t work out as planned. Maybe the environment isn’t the right fit, or you don’t enjoy the duties. No matter the reason, you suddenly find yourself pining for your old job, and you start to wonder if it is too late to get it back.

While returning to a past employer might be possible, you will face some challenges along the way. Additionally, that company’s policies about rehiring play a big role and how you made your exit could come into play.

Going back to your old job might not be impossible. If you think that is the right move for your career, here is what you need to know before you proceed.

Eligibility for Rehire

The biggest barrier you may face when you try to go back to your old job is your rehire eligibility. Some companies have very strict policies that dictate whether anyone is allowed to return, even if they left in good standing. This means, regardless of whether you were a great employee and your separation was amicable, the policy may make you ineligible for rehire anyway.

Additionally, if you were fired from the company and your termination was recent, going back may be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Some businesses won’t allow anyone who was fired to return, no matter how long ago it happened. Others may allow it after some time has passed. But, if you were terminated for a just cause and it wasn’t long ago, don’t be surprised if you can’t go back.

If you want to find out if you are eligible for rehire, you may need to call the company and ask. Usually, the office manager or human resources department can let you know or at least fill you in on any existing policies.

At times, you might want to doublecheck the information if you are told you are eligible for rehire. If the company knows they were talking to you when you asked, they might not have been completely honest. As a result, asking a friend or family member to pose as an employer and perform a reference check might help you discover the truth. During the conversation, they can ask about your eligibility. Then, if the company wasn’t straightforward when you asked, at least you know for sure where you stand.

Having an Ally

If you want to get your old job back, you might need an ally by your side. If you had a strong relationship with your manager or a co-worker, they might be able to act as your champion, helping you successfully return to the company.

However, you only want to contact your former boss or co-worker if the relationship was very strong. Similarly, if your potential ally isn’t in good standing with the company, it is best not to ask for their assistance, as their reputation may hold you back.

Having a champion isn’t technically a necessity, but it can make the process easier. Otherwise, if you are eligible for rehire, you can always apply to new openings and see if you can work your way back in time.

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