Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

By Katy Moses, CPC | Government Contract Recruiting Manager and Accounting/Finance Recruiter

As a Recruiter, I speak to people all day long about potential job opportunities.  We talk about their backgrounds, resumes, accomplishments, and how that will transfer into the needs of the client I am representing.  When discussing the list of requirements for a job, I am always surprised when people say “I have never done that, so it is probably not a fit”. 

Let me be clear, I am a huge fan of people who have self awareness, admit their faults and shortcomings, and try to improve upon them.  And frankly, there is nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than trying to explain to an Engineer why he/she is not a fit for the Public Accounting position I just posted.  But, if we are in the ballpark, shouldn’t we at least try picking up the bat?

This can truly apply to anything we do in life.  Professionals Inc. recently ventured into a new line of business in Washington, DC.  It is something that is very new to us as a company, but because we jumped in without hesitation we are starting to see the results.  Can you imagine what a client would think if when they called us with a need, our response was “I’m sorry, we have never recruited for a person like that before, please call the next recruitment firm on your list”?  The core skills, recruitment experience, are there.  I know that we can study and learn the rest.

When searching for a job, my suggestion is to review each required skill listed.  If you have 75% of those skills, just go for it.  What, really, do you have to lose?  There are certainly potential employers that will wait for that one candidate in the universe who has 110%, but that does not represent the majority.   And who knows?  They may have a position coming up that you are a perfect fit for, and you could be the first to hear about it!

When applying for a job where you do match only 75% though, please, PLEASE, don’t focus on the 25% that you don’t have.  If you focus on what you have done, and what you are willing to learn, you will be much more likely to get to the next step.  So, go forth job seekers, and venture into the unknown, you may be surprised by the results!

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