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How To Keep Your Job Search Focused During The Summer

As the summer weather takes hold we start to enter our mental vacation mode.  The sun draws us out of the confines of our homes and beckons us to soak it in, go to the beach, lie back in a hammock or play a quick round of golf.  Sometimes the power of sunshine is more than we can bear and we start the summer slack off (especially after a long winter like the one we experience in the northeast).  If you are a job seeker the great weather can make it hard to focus on your job search and you have to work extra hard to keep motivated.  Here are a few tips to keep your job search moving during the summer months.

Keep a schedule:   Setting aside a bit of time each day is important and will help keep you on track. If you are an early bird find time in the morning, before everyone is up, and search the jobs boards, send out resumes and e-mail any job contacts that you may have.  If you are a night owl, do this once the sun has gone down and the distraction is gone.

Stay connected:  We all wish that we could unplug and not answer the phone or check our e-mail for a few days, but when we are looking for a new job this is not an option.  Hiring managers and recruiters can’t help you find a job if they can’t reach you.  In the day of smartphones and laptops, there really is no reason that you can’t lay on the beach while checking your e-mail or voicemail at the same time.  Try to answer all e-mails and return calls in a timely manner.  Sometimes the key to getting an opportunity is timing, and you do not want to miss your chance, by waiting too long.

Network:  Great weather often brings with it great networking opportunities.  Summer parties and outings can often lead to meeting new people.   You do not need to carry your resume with you to every event that you attend, but striking up a conversation and letting people know that you are looking is a great way to make new contacts.  Often times jobs are filled through referrals so every contact you make can be helpful in your job search success.

Don’t get discouraged:  It is easy to lose confidence when it seems like the rest of the world is on vacation and you can’t reach the people you need to connect with.  Be patient, eventually they will have to get back to work, and once they do, they will be in even more of a hurry to find the right candidate for their job opening.  Also remember, that in today’s world most people stay connected even when they are on vacation (again, you can blame the smartphone) or they leave someone in charge that stays connected for them, so you may be surprised to hear from someone when you did not think it was possible.

Summer does not mean that your job search has to come to a standstill or that you should miss out on the weather.  Stay focused, send out your resumes, make sure you have your cell phone and then slather on the sunblock, grab your beach towel or golf clubs and enjoy the sunshine.

If you are staying focused on your job search during the summer season contact Maria at malexander@cpsprofessionals.com.

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