Is It Time for a New Job? Don’t Ignore These Signs

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Dreaming of a career other than the one you have is common. Many people are curious about the roads they chose not to take or weren’t aware of at the beginning of their careers. But it can be hard to imagine actually making the switch, especially after you’ve dedicated serious time and energy (and even an education) to the job you have today.

However, just because it would be hard to make a change, that doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do. Here are just a few signs that you might not just be ready to make a change, but that making one may be in your best interest.

Your Sundays Are Ruined by Thoughts of Monday

Waking up on Monday morning feeling less than enthusiastic about work may be a drag, but it isn’t necessarily the sign of a problem. However, if feelings of dread start creeping up Sunday night or earlier, and they have for weeks, months, or longer, you may be dealing with some serious burnout.

After some time, the stress of forcing yourself to go someplace you truly hate will take its toll; it can make you irritable, depressed, or even physically ill. So, if you find yourself tied in knots every Sunday because of what you’ll face on Monday, it is time to start exploring other options.

You’ve Hit a Dead End

Feelings of being stuck at work without the ability to advance may have been par for the course during the recession. But now that jobs are more available, being trapped with no room for advancement or growth isn’t something that has to be endured. Feeling stagnant can weigh heavily on you mentally and, if you’ve been in your position for a number of years, can actually start to hurt your career.

If you can’t see a way to move forward with your current employer or career, then now is the time to see what else may be out there. You may be surprised at the options you find.

There’s No Appreciation

Everyone wants to be recognized for a job well done. Whether it is a simple thank you or a more formal event, being told you’ve done a great job can make work a more enjoyable experience. So, if you’re working in a place where all you receive are put downs and cold shoulders even when your performance is meeting the standard, then you might need a new environment.

Being belittled or ignored by managers and co-workers isn’t healthy, and can do serious damage to your psyche over time. If your contributions aren’t appreciated, then it may be wise to find a place that will value what you have to offer.

If think now is the time to explore new career options, the team at CPS Recruitment® can help you find the right fit. Contact us to discuss your goals for a new position and see what a new job may have to offer you.


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