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Interview Questions to Determine Cultural Fit

4 Interview Questions to Determine Cultural Fit

Finding a job candidate who fits your company culture is just as important as a skill set match.

In fact, many experts agree that cultural misfit is the number-one reasons new hires leave their jobs. Assessing cultural fit allows you to look beyond a candidate’s experience and qualifications to determine if attitudes, work ethic and values align with those of your company.

Organizations that hire for cultural fit often find that:

  • Fear and stress are lower as the “interpersonal friction” of working together decreases
  • People seek employment at a company – and tend to stay longer once employed there
  • Learning and development are more efficient and effective
  • Employee health statistics improve

Using some of these suggested interview questions may help ensure a successful cultural match:

Past Accomplishments

Knowing the workplace environment in which a candidate previously put forth their best work will give you a sense of the type of culture that enables them to thrive. Your questions may include:

  • In what type of environment are you most successful?
  • What were the positive aspects of your previous work culture?

Managerial Relationships

Because managerial relationships are critical to job satisfaction, performance and loyalty, it’s important to assess cultural fit based on this criterion. Ask candidates:

  • What do you think are the most effective roles of a good manager?
  • Describe the management style that motivates and inspires you to do your best work.
  • What are the characteristics exhibited by the best boss you ever had – or wish you’d had?


Most jobs are a mixture of working alone and on teams. However, the mix can vary significantly. Knowing which a candidate prefers is important to long-term success. Pose these questions:

  • What is your preferred work style, alone or as part of a team? If you could divide your work time, what percentage would you assign to each?
  • When working in a team, describe the role you most often play.

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