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Could Your Interview First Impression Be Wrong?

Could your Interview First Impression be Wrong

We’ve all seen it and experienced it. A candidate interviews like a superstar, wows everyone they meet and of course, gets hired as a result. Then, wham! They turn out to be completely wrongfor the job. Where did that come from?

The interview is the most important step in your hiring process. Here’s where you personally meet the individuals who may become your future leaders. It’s also one of the most challenging stages. Yet, many managers fail to take sufficient time to prepare for it. They rely on instinct and their first impressions, which can be biased and influenced by too many variables.

Your first impressions might be right on – or not. So don’t let them be the overbearing factor in your hiring decision.

Determine What You Need

Before you interview, determine what you need from candidates to ensure they are the right match for a position, and how to identify these qualities.

  • Prepare uniform questions for all interviewers. Keep them standardized and hold everyone to it. Assign at least three people including the candidate’s potential peers, subordinates and managers to conduct interviews. Debrief afterwards to get a consensus on which individual to hire.
  • Write a written scorecard. List the quantifiable outcomes you expect a new hire to deliver. Include reference to these in your list of questions.

Take a Behavioral Approach

Behavioral interviewing is a time-tested methodology for boosting successful hiring results. It’s been studied, evaluated and applied for more than 30 years at some of the world’s best-known companies.

  • Give candidates the opportunity to express how they’ll add value to the job and your company. Have them describe specific examples of relevant success in past positions. Don’t end the conversation till you’re satisfied with what you hear. This means getting a clear picture of concrete, measurable results achieved.
  • Watch for red flags. For instance, steer clear of candidates who fail to take responsibility for past mistakes or speak poorly of current or former employers – even if privately, you share their opinion! It evaporates any level of professionalism on their part.

Avoid Surprises!

Be clear about your expectations and the challenges a new hire may face on the job. When hiring, the most important trait is fit. A candidate must fit into the culture of your organization in order to stand a chance for long-term success.

  • Get the candidate’s perspective. Find out how they feel about the position, your company, and what it will take to be successful in their role should they be hired.
  • Be clear about your culture and the work environment. Understanding what a candidate values will determine if they will fit into your company and what will keep their commitment and loyalty. This may include discussing hours, travel requirements, flexible schedules and management styles. Cover this ground up front so as to avoid heartache down the line.

The recruitment specialists at Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated can help ensure that you hire the right person, the first time around, and avoid costly hiring mistakes. To learn more, contact us at (315) 457-2500 or info@cpsprofessionals.com today.

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