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If You Give a Moose a Job

By Zach Hisert | Recruiting and Sales Support

While it may not have been the intent of popular children’s author Laura Joffe Numeroff, her widely known book, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, can be applied to the job search process, especially when working with recruiters.

The premise of the story is that “If you give a moose a muffin, he’ll want some jam to go with it.” The boy in the book gives the moose the muffin and the jam, which then triggers a series of requests from the moose. Throughout the story, the boy consistently concedes to the moose’s every wish, causing him to perform all sorts of tasks and errands, going above and beyond what any normal host would do for a guest. But wouldn’t it be easier if the boy and the moose worked together?

Of course it would. Seeing  any similarities yet?

Let’s put together a real-life example. Replace the boy with a recruiter and the moose with a job seeker (or candidate). The muffin, we’ll say, represents the job search process.

Now, when candidates seek a recruiter’s assistance, they are asking for a “muffin:” a lead to a job, advice, information; anything that will help them get closer to employment. The recruiter will grant them their request, usually conducting a phone screen or an interview to find out their skills and assess their personality for a potential fit with a client. All too often, once this happens (like in the story), the candidate “moose” sits back and waits for the recruiter to deliver, only maintaining communication with them to see if they have any “jam” yet.

While recruiters (at least ours), like the boy, will go above and beyond to serve top talent, candidates would be better off developing a relationship with their recruiter to make the process more efficient. Instead of simply asking for some “jam,” they need to maintain constant communication, expressing wants, needs, and concerns about their current situation. This will not only narrow the recruiter’s search, but will also ensure the satisfaction of everyone: clients, candidates, and recruiters. If candidates have already invested some time in their search (before contacting a recruiter), then they should divulge this up front, streamlining the process further. In addition, candidates can take steps to prepare for that ideal opportunity, such as updating their resume, and reviewing current trends and interview techniques. This will ensure that once a recruiter has an opportunity, candidates are fully prepared to follow through.

The story ends with the moose being reminded of the jam, which causes him to ask for another muffin. To prevent being left “hungry” at the end of your job search, grab an apron and help your recruiter bake you something satisfying the first time around.

If you need any advice on the job search process, please contact Zach Hisert or any of the recruiters at Contemporary Personnel Staffing or Professionals Incorporated. We would be happy to help.

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