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How to Survive a Job Fair!


How To Survive a Job Fair!

We recently asked our twitter followers what made them excited about attending a job fair. At the same time, we asked what made them nervous about attending a job fair. Hopefully these five tips will encourage many of you to attend job fairs more freely and maybe even enjoy them.

Be Prepared: Bring a current up to date resume for any prospective employer. This is a must. Being prepared shows the company representative that you are organized, professional and serious about finding a new job.

Do your homework: Most job fairs offer a listing of companies that will be attending the event. Take some time prior to attending the job fair to do your research on the various organizations. Educate yourself about the many companies you are interested in. Know what they do/manufacture and check their websites to identify any current job openings. Having a general understanding of the company can lead to a more in-depth, meaningful conversation with the recruiter. This also demonstrates that you are prepared and interested.

Dress accordingly: As you are getting dressed that morning, remember that you are looking for a career/job. You don’t necessarily need to wear a suit, but dressing conservatively is a must. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Don’t be hesitant: Having the confidence to approach someone that you don’t know is difficult…trust me, we have all been there. Don’t be intimidated to approach the tables. Recruiters want and need to talk to you! Remember that the recruiters are looking for qualified and capable people too.

Follow up: It is important to make sure you have all of the recruiter’s contact information. After you have successfully spoken with the recruiter, a follow up thank you note/email (within three days) is a great added follow up step. This continues to show your ongoing interest in the company and is another way to have your name in front of the recruiter.

Regardless of what type of employment you are seeking, a career fair is a great way to get your resume to multiple employers at one time. Remember too, that all of the recruiters/company representatives were once in your shoes.

We hope to see you soon at one of our job fairs!


Annie Sessler, CTS is our Administrative Recruiting Assistant.  If you are looking for work, she’d love to talk to you about our  job opportunities.  Check out our current openings at www.cpsprofessionals.com and give her a call at 315-457-2500 if you see a position you are interested in!


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