How to Show You’re Thankful at Work – Even if You Have to Bend the Truth


If you’re in a job that you really dislike, but can’t afford to leave, life can be miserable at times. With the holidays approaching, you want to be in a positive mood – and maintaining a thankful attitude requires a lot of courage and faith.

Negativity brings everyone and everything down. It will not only hurt your performance, but also make every workday more unpleasant. So take control and make lemonade out of lemons, even as you’re preparing the pumpkin pies this year. Use these tips to change things for the better:

Focus on the Positive

Take pleasure in the things you like about your job, however minor they may seem.

  • Align with positive people. Find co-workers who have positive attitudes and align yourself with them, so they can uplift you. When possible, try to become a leader or a mentor. Helping others is gratifying and rewarding.
  • Find something to look forward to, outside of work. Take up a hobby, join a social organization, or schedule a weekly class or workout. The workday will go faster if you have an enjoyable activity lined up afterwards.
  • Remember the big picture. Maybe this job is a stepping stone where you can learn new skills and advance to something better. Or maybe you just have to make ends meet till your dream job comes along. Remind yourself, as often as necessary, of this bigger picture. It will bring hope!

Talk It Out

Share your feelings with people who may be able to help.

  • Use a trusted friend or family member as a sounding board. Discuss your situation calmly. Get their objective opinion and try to carve out steps toward a solution.
  • Speak to your supervisor. They may be unaware of your feelings or circumstances. If you have ideas for changes that might improve your job, share and explain them. Even if your manager can’t help, taking control will help improve your attitude.

Take Action

Do what it takes to make your situation – and your career – better, such as launching a job search or returning to school. This action is not only something to be thankful for, but carrying out these plans will make a great New Year’s resolution!

Be proactive. Instead of too much whining and complaining, take the lead and change things if possible. Contacting a professional recruiter to help get your career planning strategy on track is a great first step. Build a relationship that will help you throughout your professional life. To learn more, contact CPS Recruitment® at 877-457-2500 today.




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