How to Select the Right Staffing Partner

When asked about the criteria of a good staffing agency, the vice president of a major business recently replied that “I want a guarantee that you’ve done your job and screened the people you send me, so I know they show up ready to work … MY time is money … so dazzle me with low turnover rates, free training, safety assessments …. Give me reasons to talk to you.”

This is a pretty simple description of what you need in a top-notch staffing partner like CPS and Professionals Inc. What he hasn’t specifically mentioned, but is likely implying through his remarks, is that in order to succeed, your staffing plan must align with your ongoing business goals. With that in mind, your goal is to find a staffing partner who fully understands that vision and is best qualified to work with you towards achieving results over the long term.

Step One: Define Your Needs

Before you begin the process of selecting a staffing firm, like CPS and Professionals Inc. ,  formulate a clear definition of your hiring and business needs and a detailed profile of the talent needed to satisfy them. This is the most important component of your recruitment toolbox, so have it polished up and ready as you evaluate staffing firm partnerships.

Find a Firm that Knows Your Business

Look for a staffing partner like CPS and Professionals Inc. that specializes in your industry and has the local, regional and global capabilities to attract A-level talent with relevant experience and skill sets.

  • Check with your peers, suppliers, customers and others in your professional network. Also, ask members of your professional industry association and chambers of commerce. Once firms have been recommended, carefully follow up on references, testimonials and recommendations.
  • Make sure they have a robust candidate database. If they know your industry, they should know how and where to find the best potential hires, most notably those passive job hunters who are not actively seeking work. These are the superstars who stand out among the top five to 10 percent in terms of performance and professional drive. A good recruiter doesn’t have to start from scratch when it comes to matching talent with open positions.

Assess the Firm’s Capabilities

Get the total picture of how well a staffing firm can meet your needs by deep diving into its:

  • Success rate and results: If a firm doesn’t measure these parameters, they’re probably not worth working with. Look for success rates measured in terms of quality of hires, speed, cost, retention rates, and management satisfaction with new hire performance.
  • Range of processes and services: The best firms consume a minimal amount of your executives’ time. They are savvy in all areas of candidate sourcing, including the Internet. Their databases and HR services are compatible with yours. They assign you the best search consultant, with no “baiting and switching” involved. They accurately predict economic and hiring trends and can effectively benchmark salary information.
  •  “Relationship recruiting philosophy: Candidates at the best staffing firms are thoughtfully assessed over an extended period of time, above and beyond the point of hire, so the recruiter has real-time knowledge of how things are going.
  • Local presence: To ensure accessibility, your staffing partner with a local office or must be committed to being “in town” regularly and when needed.

As you shop for staffing firms, take time to read our related posts and contact CPS and Professionals Inc. to learn more about our Syracuse-based team. If you are looking for staffing firms in Syracuse, contact us today!

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