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How to Express Gratitude to Your Team this Holiday Season


Keeping employees engaged and motivated is a goal for every company. Not only will your staff be more productive, but they will also be happier in general. But even with this knowledge, many managers don’t take the time to express their gratitude for everything the members of their team do to keep business moving forward.

If you want to demonstrate to your employees how truly grateful you are for everything they do, here are some ways to express that sentiment during the holiday season.

Offer Thanks and Praise Directly

The easiest way to express gratitude is to say it directly. Whether you take the time to speak with employees individually or decide to write “thank you” notes to each one, saying it is a surefire way to guarantee the members of your team get the message precisely how you mean it. Include praise for particular highlights that occurred throughout the year to show that you don’t just appreciate their work, but that you remember all that they have done.

If you choose to write your “thank you” notes, now is the time to skip email. Instead, a handwritten note inside a greeting card carries much more weight. Not only does it feel more personal, but it also provides them something they can easily look back on after the day is over.

Personalized Gifts

Presenting small gifts is an excellent way to show gratitude to your employees. If you choose to go the gift route, it will have more meaning if you are able to personalize the selection in some way. Getting the exact same token item for every employee might not be the best solution. Each member of your team has different needs and preferences. Demonstrating that you understand those differences can make a significant impact, even in small gestures.

Food and Drink

Rarely is lunch on the boss not appreciated. Consider ordering lunch for everyone and having it delivered, or hire a catering company for a more formal feel. Regardless of the method, a meal provided by someone else is a gesture that everyone recognizes. Make it feel even more complete by providing beverages as well. Even a selection of sodas and juices are enough to put a finishing touch on the meal. If you want to channel the feeling of the season, sparkling (non-alcoholic) cider or other juice can also be a nice touch.

Be Open About the Upcoming Year

If you want your team members to feel valued, one of the easiest ways is to keep them informed. Give them the benefit of knowing what the company’s plans for the New Year are and how their efforts fit into that vision. Not only does that show you value them enough not to keep them in the dark, but it can make them feel more a part of the organization as a whole and not just another employee at a desk.

Don’t Go Short-Staffed

It can be tempting to delay hiring replacements or adding new positions until the new year has passed. However, being short-handed puts extra stress on your current employees. Instead of waiting to fill that vacancy, take the burdens away from your remaining staff by working with CPS Recruitment® to find a suitable candidate fast. Contact CPS Recruitment® and see how they can help you show your appreciation for all of those who work with you today and into the new year.




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