How to Attract Job Seekers to Your Jobs


How can you attract the right talent to your open jobs?

You are not alone in facing this dilemma, there are more than five million job openings in the U.S. right now. The challenge is to achieve the broadest appeal to applicants with an approach that consists of more than simply posting an opening on an internet job board.

Treat candidates like customers.

Capture your desired candidates as you would customers – because that’s what they are. Determine your current best practices and make then even better. Then, consider moving out of your comfort zone and trying new tactics that meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

  • Evaluate which online venues and social media sites appeal to the talent that most interests you. Calculate the ROI for attracting applicants based on how much it will cost to place ads versus the number of qualified candidates anticipated from each referral source.
  • Write ads that describe the best features of each job, including wages, benefits, hours and work environment. Highlight extraordinary perks such as your comprehensive medical insurance program, telecommuting and flex time or your generous PTO policy.

Make your process user-friendly.

Your hiring and job application process should be a connector, not a hurdle. Walk through it yourself so you can experience it as a candidate would. If you were them, would you love it? Be satisfied with it enough to recommend that other top candidates apply? Or, would you shut it down in frustration?

  • Provide efficient cross-platform capture points where candidates can express their interest effectively, no matter where they are. You put yourself at an automatic disadvantage unless your process is computer and mobile friendly. Also include public access points that are easy to reach for those who may not own devices.
  • Give job seekers a choice in how they can best present their qualifications. Streamline your process and make it as easy as possible, on or offline. Explain every step, and keep candidates in the loop from start to finish. Extend this professional courtesy and follow up, as a way to build positive word of mouth and social media messages that will spread quickly throughout the candidate community.

Build your brand.

Show that your company is committed to solid business principles and fair practices. Use your website, as well as trade, social and mainstream media, to publicize your values, mission, and vision. Include testimonials from current employees who are proud to be a part of your organization.

  • Engage in corporate citizenship. Sponsor volunteer opportunities and support local charities. Agree to media interviews that increase company exposure and enhance your image as a good place to work.

Partner with a niche recruiter.

Be sure that your recruitment team knows your industry, your culture, and your customers. This includes access to targeted hiring prospects and the know-how to reach out to them and draw them in on your behalf. CPS Recruitment® can help. CPS has dedicated and specialized recruiters for nearly every type of business and position, including (but not limited to) Accounting, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Healthcare, Administrative, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Customer Service / Call Center . For talent management success in your organization, contact us today!




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