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How to Apply to a Staffing Agency


By: Gloria Jaquith

You see an ad or hear of companies hiring through a staffing agency and you are excited to apply. The first thing you should consider is, “Am I potentially qualified for this job?”  If you feel you may be, promptly send a resume or complete an on-line application and note the specific job you are sending it for to refer to later.  If you’re not sure how to write a resume, there are several sources that can help you, or ask our local librarian, a friend or family member.  Further, an excellent local source is CNY Works in Syracuse.

Next, pick up the phone and follow-up on your submitted materials.  Be certain you have the ad or posting that you are specifically calling about handy, as well as your resume at the ready.  You may be phone screened immediately and this will help you answer any questions accurately and confidently.  If all goes well, you will likely make an appointment to come in and meet with the recruiters directly.  They will be able to share more data about current opportunities you may qualify for through the organization or future positions that you may be a good fit for.

On the day of your interview, dress appropriately, be on time and be prepared with your necessary forms of ID’s, as well as your updated resume and references.  Bring all the phone numbers you will need to complete the application.  Remember, be courteous and be polite. The interview process starts at the front desk.  How you present yourself to the entire team is important.  This includes the receptionist as well.  He/she can be a great advocate and will likely be answering many of your questions.  Most hiring managers trust their receptionist’s opinions and do not take kindly to people who do not treat them well. Complete all the materials quickly and efficiently— remember that people are waiting for you to finish.  It is important to remain focused.

In addition, leave your cell phone off or in your car. This is not the time to accept personal phone calls or text a friend.  Further, it is not appropriate to bring friends or children with you to the appointment.  Keep this in mind when scheduling the interview and act accordingly.  Also, be prepared to spend at least a full hour or more getting registered and tested when applicable.  Occasionally you may be asked to do some additional testing or drug screens (if there is an immediate opening) which may require more time.  Thus, you should schedule your appointment when you know that you don’t have any other engagements.  This enables you to feel more relaxed and not so crunched for time.  Consequently, you are more likely to put your best foot forward and present yourself as an engaged and fully committed candidate.

Staffing agencies are an excellent tool to facilitate your job search.  A small amount of time initially invested successfully completing the process is a very small price to pay for the many services they can provide.

Good luck!


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