How do you like your job?

By Tracie Tucci | Manufacturing Recruiter

Often I get the question “how do you like your job?” as I am sure you do too!  It is an easy question to answer.  I love my job because it is very rewarding.  Yes, I know what you are thinking.  How can being a Temporary Manufacturing Recruiter be rewarding?  Simply put, the majority of candidates I place in temporary roles get hired on after successfully completing their contract.  Several of these candidates are so appreciative of my ability to secure them a position they readily call and express that gratitude.  It is such a tremendous feeling to hear that, however, I feel it is vital to let each and every one of these folks know that they themselves have also been responsible for their own success story.

While I have facilitated the initial placement, I cannot do the job for them.  I cannot make them go to work on time.  Further, I cannot make them be respectful and promote a positive work environment with a great attitude.  What I can do is screen potential opportunities to the best of my ability to match the perfect candidate with the perfect company.

Thus, know this, when I meet with a candidate and know I have just the right job for them, it is a very exciting feeling for me because I am able to deliver to a valued client just what they are looking for.  Further, I am helping to facilitate what could be the start of an ideal career for my candidate.  Consequently, there is no job in this world more rewarding than helping both my clients and my candidates achieve their respective goals!

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