Revamp Your Resume for the New Year

Hiring managers prefer candidates who use a chronological resume format. This allows the employer to easily evaluate where the candidate has worked recently, and what skills and experience they gained during their time on the job. In recent years, as the trend has been towards large numbers of individuals vying for a limited number of jobs, employers have been more likely to zero in on candidates’ skill sets – both hard skills, such as technical, analytical and industry-specific abilities, and the soft skills needed to succeed. While you want to include your skill set, make sure to present the information in a chronological fashion. Include your most recent position at the top and include the skills and experience you gained while on the job. Try to quantify experience and results to highlight your success, if applicable. Be sure to summarize your responsibilities at a high level.

Below is a well developed resume template. Follow the template as a guideline to create your next resume.

Chronological Resume Template

First and Last Name

Street Address – City, State ZIP
Telephone Number – Email Address


Put your “elevator statement” here. Create a snapshot that hiring managers can glance at to decide if they want to take the time to read the rest of your resume.  This can be changed to fit each job posting.


Most Recent Job Title – City, State
Employer (Month/Year to Month/Year)

Summarize the position briefly here. Explain the role if responsibilities are not obvious from title.

  • List skills and accomplishments.
  • Use action words and industry specific terminology, but don’t get too jargon heavy.
  • Don’t hesitate to adapt your resume to include keywords from job descriptions.

Previous Job Title – City, State
Employer (Month/Year to Month/Year)

The most recent job should have the most information with each subsequent one having less.

  • Keep data straightforward and action-based.
  • Focus on accomplishments, not job descriptions.
  • Don’t get fancy. Use a basic, readable 12 point font, like Times Roman or Arial.
  • Make sure to use past tense.


BA, Major, University (Date is optional.)


Include applicable skills like software expertise or classes taken.


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