Hiring Temporary Employees? Maximize Their Output with These Tips!

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With the growth of the gig economy and the often cyclic nature of some industries, many companies bring in temporary employees to get certain jobs done. But managing a contingent workforce requires a different approach than you use with your permanent employees. Often, what motivates them to perform isn’t the same, and your goals for these employees may differ too.

If you are about to bring in some temporary employees to supplement your staff, here are some tips for taking their output to the next level.

Plan First, Hire Second

If you don’t have a strategic plan in place for how these temporary employees will be used, then it doesn’t make sense to bring them in now. You need to know why they are being brought in as well as who the ideal candidate will be. The development of standards and performance metrics are also important.

Without a thorough understanding of how the contingent worker will fit into your workplace, you may find yourself with a perfectly capable person simply sitting around waiting for tasks. And that isn’t an ideal situation for you or them.

Onboard Everyone

Just because an employee isn’t going to be permanent, that doesn’t mean you can skip the onboarding process. Familiarizing your temporary employees with the work environment, internal policies and output expectations will help them acclimate more quickly. And that means they can reach their full potential faster than if the process is bypassed in the name of speed.

Consider Incentives

Not all temporary positions are short term. If you have a specific individual as a part of your team for a few months, then you might want to consider incentives and benefits that can help keep them motivated.

Often, contingent employees don’t have access to standard benefits that are provided to permanent workers, so consider creating a separate program just for them The ability to accrue some paid time off, even if it is just a few hours, can actually go a long way. Or look for ways to recognize them for a job well done, as it will surely be appreciated.

Keep in Contact

Temporary workers can’t simply be let loose without regular guidance. Often, unless they are specifically given a task or schedule, they aren’t going to be comfortable keeping themselves busy since they are a guest in the workplace. Take the time to touch base regularly.

For example, a weekly review of deliverables and tasks can help keep them on target and clearly defines their responsibilities. That way they can work from a plan without having to seek guidance between every task.

Make Your Intentions Clear

Sometimes, a temporary employee will have the opportunity to become permanent, but that isn’t always the case. If you consider this work as a tryout for a future opportunity, let them know from the beginning. This can help motivate them to always give you their best if they are actually seeking permanent opportunities.

Similarly, let them know if a permanent position isn’t waiting at the end of the project. Some temporary workers actually prefer this arrangement, so it won’t necessarily be a deal breaker, but it may be considered unfair to suggest a long-term offer may be coming when it actually isn’t.

If you are looking to add temporary workers to your staff and would like additional guidance, the professional recruiters at CPS Recruitment® can help you find your ideal employees. Contact us and see how contingent workers can help move your business forward.


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