Are You Hiring These Superstar Employees?


It’s every HR manager’s dream to place someone in a job and then confirm that, just as they had anticipated, their new hire turns out to be a superstar addition to the team. It goes without saying that you want to build your company with the best possible talent. What steps can you take to make sure you are hiring superstar employees?

Define Your Objectives.

The definition of superstar employees is someone who provides an excellent ROI once hired. As noted by Mitchell Harper, co-founder of Big Commerce, this person is “someone who will generate five times as much quality” as the average worker. In other words, this is an individual who outperforms their peers and quickly rises to the top of their team.

  • Understand which qualities make a candidate a star within your organization. Use the top five characteristics of your current leading performers as a guide. Focus on them as you read through resumes, meet with prospective hires, and evaluate their skills.
  • Consider soft, as well as hard skills. You probably have a good sense of the technical, on-the-job qualifications required in a new hire; for instance, a certain number of units produced per month or management of a certain number of people in accomplishing specified tasks. But you also need a strong sense of critical soft skills that you expect from team members. Know all the necessary elements of success in a particular position. Then, you can fine-tune your job description accordingly.

Assemble a Hiring Panel.

When determining who will interview and assess candidates, take a 360-degree approach. Include employees at a comparable organizational level, as well as direct reports if applicable. You may even consider asking trusted vendors, suppliers, and contractors for their input.

  • Agree in advance which questions will be asked of all candidates – and who will ask them. Stick to this pre-determined list. Straying away from it can skew the dynamics of your interview process.
  • After each interview, have panelists record their individual thoughts and comments. Reconvene and have them rank each candidate. Combine their comments and rankings on a scorecard. This will help you make a final selection in the most objective and comprehensive manner possible.

Weed Out the “Talkers.”

Cut through the chatter when identifying your top hiring prospects and superstar employees. Give them a chance to prove that they have what it takes to add value to your team. One proven tactic is candidate assessment testing.

  • Look for progressive career advancement. This is a leading priority for highly driven candidates, and their work history will document it. A progression of professional and personal growth, including ongoing learning activities and advancing areas of responsibility, is a very positive sign.

In central New York and from coast to coast, CPS Recruitment® has a proven track record of building industry-leading talent management strategies. With our state-of-the-art candidate screening and assessment processes, we’re the right partner to help you achieve competitive success for the long term. Contact us today, so we can tell you more.




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