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Hiring Secrets All Successful Businesses Share

Hiring Secrets All Successful Businesses Share

Your employees are your most important asset. If you take the right steps to hire great people, they will lead your organization to success and you can avoid the issues associated with constant turnover.

Best Hiring Practices

Use these best practices to find employees who will continually add value and grow along with your organization:

  • Think ahead. A new employee needs to be part of your long-term business strategy. When you hire someone, visualize where you want your company – and them – to be in five years. Have a well-crafted, future-oriented job description.
  • Be competitive. To attract top candidates, you need to offer competitive salaries and benefits. Search your competitors’ job listings, purchase salary study information, or work with a staffing firm that conducts competitive research. If you’re not in a position to offer top-tier salaries, consider what else your company has to offer. Emphasize any benefits and perks that make your organization stand out.
  • Define the best qualities of your current superstars. When you craft a job description, incorporate behavioral characteristics that are necessary for a new hire to both shine in their role and mesh well with your company culture. To paint this picture, tap into the best traits of your current top performers. In your job description, include bullet points that clearly portray these qualities.
  • Step up your interview process. Make sure you allocate enough time to properly interview candidates, which includes inviting the best ones back for second or even third visits. During interviews, use behavioral questions and keep the conversation going till you get the responses you need to make an informed decision.
  • Check references. If a candidate presents three professional references, have a phone conversation with at least two of them. Pay attention to the tone of their response, not just the content.

The Value of a Staffing Firm

If you’ve been struggling to find the best talent on your own, it’s time to make a change. Partnering with a staffing firm that knows your business and industry can make your candidate selection process more efficient and effective. The right staffing firm can help you to:

  • Fill open positions more quickly. According to recent research, it takes a company an average of 25 business days to fill an open position. Staffing firms have the right networks of qualified candidates ready to start work on short notice, so you can improve your time-to-fill ratio.
  • Gain access to top talent. Recruiters don’t work solely with candidates who are actively looking for work. They maintain relationships with passive candidates who may be open to the right opportunity. These individuals – often the top performers in their fields – probably would never seek out a position on a job board or company website, but they will pay attention when recruiters contact them.
  • Save time and money. Often, hiring managers are tasked with filling open positions while at the same time keeping up with their regular workload. As a result, either their work suffers or their candidate selection process drags on and on. Partnering with a staffing agency alleviates this burden, so management only needs to meet with top-contending candidates.

The expert team at CPS Recruitment® can help you achieve staffing results quickly, effectively and with the best possible long-term potential. To learn more about best hiring practices, contact us today.



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