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Who is Hiring for Accounting Jobs in Syracuse?


Accounting jobs have seen steady growth since the recession began. This means that there is still a market in the Syracuse area for qualified individuals. If you are looking for a role in accounting, what kind of skills do you bring to the table? Depending on your existing experience, you may be an excellent candidate for an area employer.  Here are just a few examples of the types of companies, types of positions, and requirements that Syracuse employers are looking for in accounting candidates.

  • Types of companies. One of the biggest industries for growth in the Syracuse area is manufacturing. Accountants with experience in a manufacturing environment will be invaluable to organizations in that space. Accounting firms that specialize in a number of industries are also seeking candidates who can bring their own expertise to the firm. The best way to find organizations hiring in your area is to work with a local staffing agency like CPS Professionals. The account managers develop relationships with businesses and are able to bring jobs to the table that you may not see advertised.
  • Types of positions. There are some very specific available positions in the area looking for accountants with experience in key roles. These include accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll processing, controllers, and purchasing experience. Companies are also seeking individuals with experience in financial management, planning, and analysis.  If you have worked in one or more of these disciplines, you may be qualified to take on a major accounting role within a small business.
  • Requirements. Each of these companies and positions has different requirements. For instance, an accountant in the manufacturing space may need to have cost accounting experience to handle information for purchasing departments. Financial planning and management have specific requirements and additional education you must complete before you can be considered for the opportunity with a planning company or accounting firm. If you have been out of the job market for a short time, you may wish to brush up on your skills with a continuing education class.

Are you looking for your next accounting opportunity? If you are looking for accounting jobs in Syracuse, contact our expert team of recruiters at CPS Professionals today!


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