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Over time, hiring managers and recruiters begin to develop patterns regarding how they assess applicants. They begin to focus on specific characteristics on resumes like the number of years experience the candidate has or the kind of university the person attended.

Since screening hundreds of resumes or applications is no small feat, using certain standards to narrow down the applicant pool is just smart business, right? While this process can still produce qualified applicants, you may be missing the opportunity to hire a true diamond in the rough who will exceed all expectations.

So, before you eliminate a candidate because they didn’t go to THAT school or because their experience involves multiple companies instead of one, consider these points to make sure you aren’t passing up a good thing.

Where They Started

Some of the most capable and driven employees overcame significant adversity to get where they are. And that struggle breeds certain characteristics. Dedication, ingenuity, perseverance, these are all traits of someone who started at the bottom and worked their way up — like a diamond in the rough.

Not every person has the opportunity to attend top schools or live in areas that allow them to work for some of the strongest companies in the country. But fighting for success despite the odds can be a sign of a truly passionate employee.

Where They’ve Been

Job hopping is often seen as a negative in the eyes of employers, but the reason for the employment changes may demonstrate positive traits. Early in one’s career, it is often hard to guess exactly what you are looking for in a position as well as an employer. Each job may have functioned as a learning experience that helped them focus on what they truly want in their career.

Additionally, the growing prevalence of the gig economy has led many professionals to take a different approach to their career. The applicant might have multiple jobs on their resume because the jobs were designed to be short term.

Where They’re Going

While you can’t always tell from a resume, unless supplemental questions were part of the application, understanding where the applicant is trying to go with their career is also valuable information. Often, if they see themselves developing and advancing within the field, you can anticipate that drive to translate into their performance.

For example, if a person is actively pursuing additional training or education, or specifically inquires about those opportunities through your company, they see themselves investing for the long term.

How They Intend to Get There

Excellence isn’t always about prior experience and education. One of the most critical factors is grit. Having the right combination of passion and determination is often a better predictor of future success than many other traits. This is easiest to observe in those who have experience setbacks and still managed to move forward in the end. Understanding that failure isn’t a permanent state is hard to condition, so if a candidate already has that, they may be a better fit than someone with a traditionally polished resume.

If your company is filling a vacancy and you want help finding your next diamond in the rough, the professionals at CPS Recruitment® have the determination to locate the right candidate. Contact us and speak with one of our recruiting specialists and see how our passion can work for you.


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